Guys I literally haven’t played with a girl in over a year.

Yeah, I know. It’s a travesty.

Yeah, you don’t have to tell me twice.


Submitted by nankingdecade.

Sir and I have a running joke for whenever he gets sick about a little somebody named Nurse Kitty. She’s not very good at her job, but she’s got a knack for making people feel good.


Oh fucking hell.


Ughhh, fuck obligations.

Can I just be a kitty instead?


Flint likes to treat me like an animal.

He’s had me drink water out of bowls during scenes. He’s made me sit on a towel in his car so I “won’t make a mess.” And while rubbing my pussy as he drove, he’s had me look out the window and try to make eye contact with other drivers so they’ll know what kind of animal I am.

We were at my place and he was sitting in my armchair, making me straddle his leg and essentially hump it. I kept failing at finding the right angle, so I ended up grinding on his ankle and shoe more than anything else.

“Isn’t it funny?” He said, leaning down to whisper in my ear. “For a girl who hates the word ‘bitch,’ you really spend a lot of time acting like a little bitch in heat.”


My life is so crazy right now, but I’m holding out for a little bit of this kind of time very, very soon.




Kitty ears ^-^

“Is this what kitties do,” I asked while pawing at Daddy’s back in bed.

“Yes,” he replied, sleepily.

“What else do little kitties do?” I asked.

He went through a list of kitty activities and kitty traits, with my many interjections, and told me all about how he used to play with his kitties. As he talked, I came around to his front and curled up next his tummy.

“I think you are a little kitty after all,” he said, scratching my head.

Hi this is me expressing kitty envy for people who get to be kitties on the regular right now.


I don’t think I tease Daddy quite as much as I should.

Maybe I should remedy that.


Last night, Sir and I rocked our couple’s costume.

Except I’m going to another party tonight by my lonesome. And I was hung up on what the hell I could wear until I realized just how much kitten shit I have.

Except, you know.



This is me, according to my Daddy.