I’ve been in one of those moods lately where I just want to spend an unusually long amount of time worshipping a cock.


This looks cute, home made and improved. It inspires me to think that Internet porn is making the world a better place.
Keep trying new things kids!



please guide me. please make me feel useful and wanted and safe and loved. please let me serve you and belong to you. please let me lay at your feet and kneel at your side. please protect and take care of me. please don’t let me go. please keep me.

These feelings.

I am quite familiar with them.


Sir says I can exchange some of my pennies for having one of my dirty little fantasies turned into a reality.

And I figured I knew what I’d want.

But I just can’t decide.


Sexual Experiments“ featuring Mark Davis and Cecilia Vega (pics and clips, pics)


Dear Anon from last night,

Only one part of your multipart ask arrived last night.

Also, I can’t reply to you privately if you’re on anon.


Sir’s favorite porn site is Public Disgrace.

I can’t get into it usually because the men seem too smarmy. Which is, apparently, supposed to be the point.

But we just got to talking about it and I said my ideal Public Disgrace would be him, Daddy and Lorelei Lee leading me into a room full of mean, pretty girls.

I think I’m allowed to dream big, okay?


Have I mentioned I have a huge domme crush on Lorelei Lee?

I know she spends a lot of time subbing but she’s so pretty and so mean and she makes me want to be the very best for her.



Whipped Ass #17365 Lorelei Lee, Remy LaCroix



Master and I had a date today and Sybil and I were bad girls, so we got the cage.

Oh my gosh, wait, I want a little cage buddy.



I want the kind of life where I can just run around in pretty things like this all day.


He’s been having me wear my collar to bed for the past few nights.

It’s nice to wake up and remember I’ve got it on. It makes me feel close to him.