Here’s to ringing in the New Year doing the things you love, however that may look for you.


Happy Upcoming New Year, tumblr!

Please have fun and be safe tonight. Don’t drink and drive. Keep an eye on your drink. Keep friends close.

And here’s some girls with sparklers in their asses. Because people seem to be at their most creative when it comes to conceiving porn.

Seriously. We could figure out world peace in two seconds if it was in porn form.


I love when people just play around with my body like that. Pinching nipples, playing with hair, all of that. I guess because I kind of feel like a toy. There’s a harsh way of being used, but then there’s a casual way. And it can be just as effective.


Hairenvy to the greatest degree.

A girl can dream.


I am so into this, but I would be super concerned about having my shoulder pulled out or something from some faulty rope-placement. I’d like to fancy myself the (very) amateur engineering type, so I’d probably micro-manage the shit out of anyone attempting to do this to me.

Congratulations for your marvelous tumblr ! We are a french married couple and we “adore” your pics and comments. Made love watching one of your posts last evening (guess which one… ?) Kisses from France, Carine et Alain


Wow. I am insanely flattered. I can’t even begin to guess which one because half of them sound like immature gibberish to me, but I’m glad somebody’s enjoying them.

Thank you so much for the lovely note.

<3, Ivy


Ugh, agreed agreed agreed. This woman is absolutely divine/gorgeous/funny/spunky/sexy. Seriously. So underrated. 



Dec. 29 | Happy Birthday Alison Brie!

You can keep your Zooey Deschanel – The Briester is way prettier, funnier, sexier, more adorable <3


I definitely get this way. When someone topping me tries to prove a point by denying me in some way, I just can’t handle it. I’m far from subtle when trying to communicate how I really think the dynamic should be working.

I believe some people call it “topping from the bottom”.