Happy Halloween, tumblr! Have fun, be safe, enjoy some candy and let me know what you’re going as, if you’re so inclined.

I’m a certain Disney villain because duh.


Me, a menstruater: Why must you constantly prep for babies? Can’t you just wait until after we decide we want babies?
Uterus (now with magical eye, hip flask, and peg leg): CONSTANT VIGILANCE!



I would probably cry.

(so naturally I want to try this)

There was this time in January when I was over at Pup’s and Saltine was there. He was domming the two of us. He was fucking Saltine and, because he was a jerk, Pup had put an entire pillowcase over my head. (Hey guys, be careful with this. I could still breathe but like maybe don’t just try this.) 

 Beside me, I could feel Pup shaking the bed with his thrusts. Saltine was whining softly, and Pup had reached over and grabbed my hand, moving it between my legs. “Get wet for me, you’re next,” he’d said, although I clearly already was. 

 By the time he entered me, I was already really close from rubbing my clit and listening to them fuck. I came almost embarrassingly fast, but Pup kept going despite my protests that I was sensitive from my orgasm. He had Saltine hold me in place for him, and I found I wasn’t able to push her off. 

“I want to fuck her like that,” Saltine told Pup. “I want to make her cry like that.” It almost pushed me over, just hearing that, I almost came again.


I always whine about how many potential lawsuits are just not even taken into account by porn. Like, yo, if I go into the hospital for a headache (which, dude, come on, take an Advil) and end up getting fucked up the butt, I’m suing for malpractice. Sheesh.


I realize that a lot of the things that would make my abduction fantasy hard to execute – mostly the fact that I’d get bored alone in prolonged bondage – would be totally remedied if I had a buddy. 

So, like. Yeah.


Have I mentioned on here how much I want to try on a straitjacket like this?


I’ve gotten several messages asking about the difficulties of nipple piercings after my last post. I’ll say this: the level of maintenance and pain vary from person to person. (Listen to your piercer, don’t be afraid to ask him/her questions.)

I will say the most difficult aspect of mine was the fact that I had to learn how to sleep on my back. I’ve been a stomach-sleeper forever, which is basically not an option when they’re healing. Now, I can doze off there just fine, but that was after a lot of efforts of being crammed between a person and the wall so I had no room to roll over, having limbs thrown over me, and yeah, being tied to the bed once or twice.