I think I need to hear myanonymouslair weigh in on penisghost. She tends to have pretty interesting interpretations and a proclivity for cocks in costume.

Oh, and Happy Halloween.




Ryan Gosling on the MPAA’s decision to give Blue Valentine an NC-17 rating over its inclusion of an oral sex scene. (x)



Holy crap. It’s real-life Feminist Ryan Gosling. Being BRILLIANT.


Chained, Part Four

Popcorn reached down and petted my hair, making me blush even more. She tried to ask me questions, things I can’t really remember, and I just kept stammering out anxious answers.

Reading how I was feeling, Penthouse picked up my ballgag and walked over to me. “You want your gag?" 

I nodded eagerly, opening my mouth. I wanted to be on the leash, I liked what was going on, but I was a little overwhelmed. Without having to worry about talking, some of the pressure was off and I could just enjoy myself.

He knelt down and pushed the ball between my teeth before buckling tightly behind my head. I felt myself exhale hard, the anxiety leaving my body. Having the necessity of speech taken, I could focus a little harder, even if I already felt like I was floating.

Reaching for the Taboo buzzer, he placed it in my right hand and made me give it a test squeeze. "What are you going to do if it gets too much?” he asked, nurturing to a point that it was hot. I blushed and squeezed the buzzer. He smiled and patted my head. “Good girl.”

“So,” Penthouse said as he got to his feet, “what should we do with her?”




I want to believe in the beauty of my strangeness.


Photo by: Sarah White


Chained, Part Three

Very shortly, Popcorn arrived and Penthouse left me in his room to fetch her. Hearing them walk through his common area and chatting casually, I only blushed deeper. When I heard the door open, I could barely look up and instead watched two sets of feet enter Penthouse’s bedroom.

“What do you think?” Penthouse asked, moving past me to stand behind me.

Popcorn’s shoes were just a foot from my hands. “Very nice.”

Penthouse moved over to the bed-frame and unhooked the chain, holding onto it. “What do you say?” he asked me, tugging gently on the leash, “look at her and say it.”

It took all the will I had to make myself look up at Popcorn. Not because I was ashamed or that I wasn’t into it, but instead because I was unbelievably turned on. As I opened my mouth to speak, she smiled warmly. “Thank you,” I stammered out.

I could hear the smirk in Penthouse’s voice as he held the chain out to her. “Want to hold her?”

“I think I would,” she replied, before looking down at me. “You all right with that?” I nodded and she took it, weighing the chain in her hand and smiling. She gazed up over me, at Penthouse, and added, “oh, I like this a lot.”



Let’s all discuss how Tammie Brown is the giver of no fucks.

I know this is my sex blog but I don’t have a normal blog to express how much I love RuPaul’s Drag Race so you all can handle it.

You make me feel like I’m missing out on some quintessential university experience, now. *sulk* … But, er, I’m a little bit in love with you at the same time.


Well, thank you, I’m flattered. But, I do need to clarify something:

What I do is not a quintessential university experience. It’s something I do with women and men who have a similar interest or who I really care about. But, this is not quintessential to college. Honestly, I’d be a little weirded out if everybody’s college experience included being leashed to a bed.

Part of why I didn’t enjoy the first half of my freshman year of college, aside from the adjustment, was that I didn’t feel right fitting into the “quintessential university experience” aside from what was actually quintessential, which is going to class. I’m not big on football games, I can’t get behind the whole pissing contest over grades and internships and the girls I surrounded myself with at the beginning of freshman year made me feel closeted, poor and miserable.

So there is no quintessential college experience. College is what you make it, the people you surround yourself with, and the courses you take.

If you’re doing what you love, you’re not missing out on anything.


Chained, Part Two

Penthouse attached the other end of the chain to my collar. It was heavy, but not impossibly, so I had the choice to either hold it in my hands or get down on my knees to avoid it pulling too much on the collar.

I held onto the chains and Penthouse walked over, stroking my hair. “How do you feel?” he asked. “You all right?”

I nodded, smiling nervously. “Yeah. I really like this.”

“Could I invite Popcorn over?” Penthouse asked, referencing the girl from the other night. (Yes, I’m going to call her Popcorn. DEAL. I’m terrible with names.)

My gaze fell down to my feet and I doubted she would want to. After all, it was awkward if she had met me before, wasn’t it? She wouldn’t want to do this with a girl she’d only met once at a party. But, I nodded. Secretly, I wanted it. But I doubted it would come together. And, if I wasn’t comfortable, he made it clear that I could end it anytime I wanted.

He took out his phone and texted her. Moments later, he smirked at me. “Oh, she’s on her way over. Maybe you should get on your knees.”

Shocked, I sank down to my knees and placed my hands on the floor, letting the chain go. I bit my lower lip, so excited I was shaking.