Happy Halloween, followers!

Here’s a little something

  • because I’ve been absent this week
  • because there’s now 2000 of you (whaaaaaaaat)
  • because Sir and I can’t stop joking about this

Basically, he had three fingers working on my g-spot and he was making me cum over and over. And I didn’t ask to cum so he kind of abruptly stopped. 

He was trying to make me blush by playing back the larger audio file that this came from, but I just wound up laughing over this. He says my little princess came out. Hmph.

So, enjoy? Maybe?

<3, Ivy


Did I say he was rubbing my feet?

That didn’t last very long.


Currently hanging out on my couch with Sir, watching Jon Stewart on Hulu, while he rubs my feet. Life is good.


So, I might have a little surprise planned for him today.



hi,thought id show off my bum today c:

Oh my goshhh look at this pretty anon booty up in my askbox.

Thank you so much for sharing!



I love how goofy Leigh is, so here’s 4 gifs of her doing silly things with her boobs 😛