thank you carrie fisher for owning your life despite mental illness and despite addiction and despite 40 years of shaming and bullshit thank you for making it okay to talk about mental illness in a way that isn’t always fun and thank you for making it okay to be mentally ill and unashamed of it thank you for owning mental illness thank you for 60 years of telling the world to go fuck themselves if they didn’t like you thank you so much thank you thank you thank you 


Hey Tumblr.

Pup and I are road tripping our way to warmer weather for the holidays. And possibly – POSSIBLY – seeing a certain old friend.

I’ve got a little bit of a queue up for the next little bit. So happy holidays to you and yours.



The last one is my fav




Oh wow hi it’s me.

… the episode in which Ivy discovers Oglaf. 😬

Why is everybody saying this. I’ve known about Oglaf for a while now jeez and crackers.

Also you were the one who showed it to me so jeez and EXTRA CRACKERS for that one.


Craftsmate, texting me out of the blue like: Hey I was just thinking that as New Yorkers who grew up eating lots of pizza as kids, why is it that we craved pizza all the time as kids but only crave it occasionally as adults?
Me: …
Craftsmate: I have four theories.
Me: …
Craftsmate: (goes on to just explain these theories)
Me: So I ate an entire personal pizza for lunch today.
Me: But sure yeah.


“Desire is no light thing.” – Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red.


Insolence, Part Three

Rex leaned up over me and slipped his finger into my mouth. He pulled it open and spat inside. “Swallow that,” he said.

It was hard not to grin like an idiot. I thought his whole thing was going to be a bust and this guy was more than surpassing expectations. He pushed my legs up, running his hands over the back of my thighs before letting them circle around my throat. 

“Oh, what, you like that?” He grinned and wound up, smacking me across the face again. I smiled and went to respond, but his hand found my throat. “Look at that. You do.”


Oh wow hi it’s me.



I had sex in a graveyard and was walking around nude cause it was like 80 degrees and I was all sweaty and it was like midnight or whatever.
So this car rolls up out of nowhere and I’m stark fucken naked.
I’m also white as fuck. I glow in the dark.
I make eye contact with the dude driving.
I don’t make a move to cover up or anything because idgaf about being naked.
I see his eyes widen….

With fear.

He fucken books it out of there like a bat out of hell.

And that’s the story about how I became a ghost sighting in a small town in New England.