To the person who stole my Half Baked out of the communal kitchen: it’s on. 


Neu Sex: Sasha Grey


I know, I know, I know, tumblr. I leave the teaser for a crazysexy evening and then I just sort of dipped out on you.

This week has been a little hectic. But, I promise that I will be posting it up soon, even if that requires some dom in a suit bending me over the desk, pushing my laptop in front of me, and not letting me leave until I’ve written it up.

Yes, okay, it’s a stretch. But, I have to tie this picture in somehow, don’t I?


I hate the expression “we were goofing around and then we started hooking up”. I think it’s stupid. I don’t get how it works. I can’t imagine that you just sort of fall on someone and start making out with them.

But, um, that’s exactly what happened last night.

I was over at her room. I know, I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to do anything with her. (Forgive me, tumblr, for I have sinned.) But she had clearly defined the lines of non-monogamy with her guy and they had both explored some other stuff with no negative repercussions. This changed the climate immensely.

Anyway, we were kind of goofing around on her bed. I know this was baiting it, but I was lying there and thrusting and faking sex noises when she told me that she was concerned about her neighbors being able to hear her through the wall. She climbed on top of me to shut me up. I rolled over back on top of her. We kind of started making out. You know how it works.

We keep this up for a while. Kissing, touching, giggling. It’s light and sweet and fun. 

So how did this wind up in probably one of the most intense spankings I’ve gotten in a while?

I’ll get to that, I promise.


I got spanked last night.

And it was awwwwesomeee. 


500px: Popular photos – Can’t Stop Gotta Fly by Andy Teo


She’s smiling because she’s gotten exactly what she wants.


So, I met a freshman in the pack I ran with last night. She reminded me a ton of my Dacry. And, when a few of us were naming our celebrity crushes, she came right out and said, “Jiz Lee." 

Sounds like my kind of girl.

For friendship, that is. We wound up talking for hours. She reminded me a lot of myself and we, in some sort of silly way, agreed for some sort of mentorship arrangement. Like big brother/big sister but with a bad influence.

Let’s call her Fresh from now on. 


This is absolutely what chicks do.

And what this chick is doing tonight.

So, okay, not quite. But, I’m getting together with a bunch of other ladies (who love ladies) to have a night to ourselves. 

Oh, and knife girl is definitely going to be there. Remember her?


This is what chicks do when guys aren’t around isn’t it? Right? It is.