So I’m a huge fan of humiliating gags until I actually have to, you know, wear them.


“Tell them the truth, babydoll. You whine just because you’re hoping someone will come along and make it much, much worse.”


Sometimes, I just want to be public property.


Well this gives me a whole ton of feelings.


Insolence, Part Four

Rex came before me. For how well the night was going and how seamlessly we’d fallen into a sort of dynamic, I was nervous. I couldn’t get myself to relax into what was happening enough to just let go. It happens. Sometimes I’m an absolute hair-trigger girl. Sometimes I can’t get the safety off.

“Excuse you,” I teased nonetheless when he eased the condom off of his shaft. “Finish me.”

He chuckled and sat back. “Finish yourself.” He set his hands on his knees and leaned forward. I wanted to slap the smugness from his face. He knew exactly what he was doing. “Go on. Show me what you like.”

I’ve never been able to push past the humiliation of masturbating in front of people. Mainly because my strategy is, admittedly, not particularly fascinating or engaging. But I made my best efforts, despite my reluctance to meet his stare.

“You’re boring me,” he taunted. “Keep me entertained or I’ll do something about it.”

That was enough to gall me to hold his gaze. My eyes narrowed. “Then do something about it.”

His hands crawled their way up my sides until his body loomed over mine. He reached down and took hold of my knees, shoving my legs back up in an effort to impede my access. Making a good show of it, I just wound my arm down and around under myself and resumed rubbing my clit.

“I’m flexible,” I explained.

He beamed. “Well, look at you.”


I’ve got this new kink for that thing when Pup fucks me while I’m still wet from someone else fucking me. Ever since that night we fucked right after I had sex with Rex for the first time, it’s something I’ve really, really enjoyed.

After Leo left the other day, Pup and I lazed around in bed for a while. He was a little hungover from the night before and I was about ready for a nap, but our fingers defied our bodies’ otherwise insistent exhaustion. I backed up against him and we egged each other on with furtive brushes of fingertips. Before I knew it, he was asking to enter me and I obliged, my pussy wet and ready from his touch and, more likely by how easily he slipped in, from Leo as well.

It made me feel like a sex toy, almost, the fact that my body had yielded so easily to him, the fact that I’d taken someone else not long before. I told him so and he chuckled. “You are, then,” he said as he fucked me in sharp, urgent thrusts. “That’s exactly what you are.”

I felt myself climbing towards orgasm and his hand clamped onto my shoulder, as though to steer me away. “Don’t you cum now,” he murmured against my neck. “Hold back, baby.”

For a bit, I succeeded. Until he reached down between my legs and I felt the muscles in my thighs quake as he stroked my clit. “No,” I protested, my words choked by a gasp. “Why would you…”

Even though he was behind me, I could hear the smirk in his voice. “I want to,” he replied. “So keep holding it.”


Just when you figure you know all your kinks, the internet swoops in with something like this.


Insolence, Part Three

Rex leaned up over me and slipped his finger into my mouth. He pulled it open and spat inside. “Swallow that,” he said.

It was hard not to grin like an idiot. I thought his whole thing was going to be a bust and this guy was more than surpassing expectations. He pushed my legs up, running his hands over the back of my thighs before letting them circle around my throat. 

“Oh, what, you like that?” He grinned and wound up, smacking me across the face again. I smiled and went to respond, but his hand found my throat. “Look at that. You do.”