So I’m a huge fan of humiliating gags until I actually have to, you know, wear them.


Sometimes, I just want to be public property.


Well, good goddamn.


Insolence, Part Three

Rex leaned up over me and slipped his finger into my mouth. He pulled it open and spat inside. “Swallow that,” he said.

It was hard not to grin like an idiot. I thought his whole thing was going to be a bust and this guy was more than surpassing expectations. He pushed my legs up, running his hands over the back of my thighs before letting them circle around my throat. 

“Oh, what, you like that?” He grinned and wound up, smacking me across the face again. I smiled and went to respond, but his hand found my throat. “Look at that. You do.”


Oh gosh.





My little deviant and Beth prepared a spectacular meal for our kinky dinner party last night. Only after serving us and attending to all our needs was piglet permitted to eat as well — and then only scraps, without the use of her hands.

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So hot.

…I will be in my bunk.

Uh yep.




You’re fucking disgusting and everyone knows it.

Something super super brave and blushy happened last night and I need to double my efforts to catch you up on everything from September to now because holy crap.

Leftovers, Part Five

I didn’t think I would be able to do it, knowing everyone was watching like that. But, I did. I probably would not have been able to without the blindfold on, being a little shy, but I ended up cumming in front of a room that was mostly strangers. Sir kept murmuring in my ear how I was the only one like this, how I was a slut for needing this in the middle of a nice little get-together.

I slumped against him when I had finished and someone gave off another “aww.” Sir had me say thank you to the first guy, and I did so with a little bashfulness, grateful the blindfold was still on. He clicked the vibrator back on, but I pouted that I was sensitive, and he turned it off.

Sir held me for a little bit, someone commenting that it was so sweet that I was still blindfolded. Eventually, he took the blindfold off and he had me go remove the bullet. I made a quick walk to the bathroom, trying to avoid eye contact with just about everyone while doing so.


The thing is that I really, really hate bondage/situations that make me look or feel gross. I just get all self-conscious about it. But something about how invasive this is, its totality, really gets to me.


Sir’s been giving me tasks lately, and every so often he likes me to write about them here. I’ve been enjoying them, and it’s helped me to feel like I’m still submitting to him even with the timezones and the distance and all the other absurd hurdles we’re handling right now.

You’ll remember we had a tally system of me misbehaving over the summer. It was going to culminate in me drinking a cup of my own piss (guh) after eight tallies (one tally per ounce.) It never went anywhere because I’ve been a good girl (heh.) Also, after I drank his piss, it put drinking my own in perspective. Because, meh. 

But still, a cup is a lot of urine. 

The other day, I surprised him by taking some initiative and suggesting I might be okay with taking just a sip of it. Like, a little sip. 

I’ve got this sippy cup my friend gave me as a gag gift. She doesn’t know about the Daddy/little stuff, it was more a joke on my 21st birthday for me to put booze in there and walk around holding it. Every so often, I put a drink in there when I’m hosting a party because I can dance around with it and it won’t spill (don’t judge me.) So Sir suggested I pee into the sippy cup and, in his words, “take a sippy.”

Lately, I’ve been on this humiliation kick and he’s been doing Daddy stuff and it all felt kind of right. I drank enough water that I was pissing clear. I got up the courage and sucked through the straw, but totally misjudged how hard I’d have to suck because I was so nervous and wound up getting quite a bit of it and legitimately gagging on it. 

I thought I’d be more anxious about writing about this, and I’m not sure if this is a sign of growth or not. But, yeah. I peed into a sippy cup (and then sanitized the crap out of that thing) and drank it. I choked on my own urine. I survived.

For the record: I’m a healthy girl and it tastes just fine. Still, yuck.