Stripped bed, stripped girl.







Colorado has 20 new WHITE millionaires since legalizing marijuana, MEANWHILE  Louisiana continues to incarcerates 1 out of 3 black peoples for non violent crimes such as possession of marijuana WHICH IS MEDICINE FOR WHITE PEOPLE BUT DRUGS FOR BLACKS

White stoners love ignoring how racist all of this is. They get upset when we mention how many Black people are sitting behind bars for a marijuana smh – K

Talk That Real.

Legalization should include ending sentences for people who are currently incarcerated for marijuana reasons. But legalization activists won’t touch that because they’re shits.

Legalization activists won’t touch incarceration because they don’t care about black or brown people

I used to live in a fairly racially-diverse place that hosted a yearly marijuana legalization event/rally/whatever. The whole thing was just white people with dreadlocks wearing baja jackets talking about how fun weed was and they didn’t want their style cramped.

And of all the white people I know in support of legalization, I maybe know a tiny handful who’ll even bring up incarceration, and maybe one of them who’ll tie it to race. It’s so profoundly frustrating.



how i view myself in a public setting


Yooo. Looks.



thinkivykink this made me think of you and your graduation present!

Is it weird that I find the most overwhelming thing about this whole situation to be all the hands?


Sir jokes a lot about “bring your sweetheart to work day.”





One of the first times I remember skyping with Megra and Shadowgent together, something like this ended up becoming a thing.

Except there wasn’t toothpaste.

I actually thought this gifset was so funny that I showed it to a vanilla friend of mine. 

She totally agreed, so.

me and my papa fuck standing and I really really enjoy it! The first time we discovered it I had been away for a month so we were very eager. we’re almost the same height, so while we were embraced facing each other he slide his cock into me and could thrust without any special maneuvering, so it was very intimate and were able to kiss and touch each other all over. I couldn’t believe he was fucking me like that the first time. the downside is it’s hard to cum while standing :(


See, I think the height differential thing is a big part of this working. 

And, yeah, I think because of that the angle is such that I struggle to cum while standing, too.




I absolutely hate being fucked this way because I’m a complete pillow princess. Pup tries fucking me like this all the time and I just try to like side-step my way to a bed. It’s also just logistically ridiculous, he’s got almost a foot on me so he has to squat to do it in the first place.

Does anybody like fucking stand up? Why is it appealing to you? Is it the angle or the novelty of it? Let me know.

he needs to just put you in ridiculously high heels!

Yo that sounds like a good way to sprain my ankle.