You’re fucking disgusting and everyone knows it.

Something super super brave and blushy happened last night and I need to double my efforts to catch you up on everything from September to now because holy crap.


Sir and I took a bunch of sexy photos the other day and part of me wants to blush and keep them to myself and part of me wants to share them all at once.


I bought my first garter belt off the Internet and it’s far too big. It slips down all the time. But, it was a no-return purchase and it was on sale for something negligible.

And besides, it makes me feel kinda like a little girl trying on something too grown up for her.


In a few hours, Sir’s going to be picking me up at the airport.

I’m probably not going to be able to help myself.



Justice for Mike Brown isn’t something people should have to fight for. 

It’s heartbreaking and infuriating and I can’t even imagine for a second what his family members are going through. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a young black man in America walking to school or work today, knowing that even if you are shot down in the street there is no recourse. 

A few things we can do with our anger and frustration today:

  • Make a donation to the Ferguson Public Library, which is providing safe space for people during this time and facilitating programs for chidren and teens during the school shut downs. (Click here for their website, donation button is in the top right corner.)
  • Make a donation to the National Legal Guild which is providing legal support to protesters and ensuring legal observers are on the front lines.
  • Sign this petition urging President Obama  and the Attorney General to secure justice for Mike Brown. And sign this one demanding national change to address police violence and misconduct. 
  • Send your condolences to the family of Mike Brown here
  • Let members of the black community speak. Listen to what they have to say. Give people space for their anger and fears. 
  • Tell anyone who says this is not an issue of race to fuck right off. 


I need the video to this. Anyone please?

Wait stop this is the most adorable ethical non-monogamy porn gifset ever. All that cuteness, all that consent and checking in.