Guys every so often someone sends me a damn post w/ pizza in it and I always feel so seen.

Thank you, @takeitlikeagoodgirl



I mean, yeah.




Teehee, @takeitlikeagoodgirl tagged me in this and it feels so beautiful to be so known.




Pup and I went out for celebratory pizza tonight because today was a very, very special day.

I mentioned back in February that we’re moving to a new city. Since then, we’ve found a fantastic place to live and started to firm up on the details of our move. Today, I sent in my acceptance for a job offer from a place I really, really, really wanted to work. Like it still hasn’t entirely sunk in yet because, ahhhh, omg guys.

I don’t want to get too specific, but this is meaningful work that has an actual, relevant real-world impact. There’s actual potential for me to advance in this field. Also, it’s the kind of work where once I walk out the door, I’m done until I come back the next day. (At my current job, it’s basically impossible not to take work home, such that I don’t have “real weekends.” It also involves a lot of unnecessary, basically unpaid emotional labor that I am pretty ready to be done with.) 

I am so excited to do something with a tangible impact and to have more time for myself, for my social life, for my hobbies and for whatever the hell else. (Yeah, that means you, tumblr.)


Also here is a pizza just look at the pizza if looking at all this stuff today is too painful just look at the pizza.

(Action and activism are important. But so is self care. Otherwise, you run the risk of burnout.)


Craftsmate, texting me out of the blue like: Hey I was just thinking that as New Yorkers who grew up eating lots of pizza as kids, why is it that we craved pizza all the time as kids but only crave it occasionally as adults?
Me: …
Craftsmate: I have four theories.
Me: …
Craftsmate: (goes on to just explain these theories)
Me: So I ate an entire personal pizza for lunch today.
Me: But sure yeah.


Lol babe. This.


Goals and aspirations.