Current status.

Sans Veronica. And Ron, unfortunately. 


Dear Tumblr,

See the gentleman in this photograph? He has been featured on my tumblr many a time and I’ve generally loved his body of work. However, I’ve never found a name attached to anything of his. 

So, if you have any idea who this man is, pop it over in my ask. I’ll be such a happy camper.




Dacry and I made a bet. I won.

You see, I have a terrible habit of putting posts I see into my drafts. I think I’ll have a use for them later and I like them too much to let them pass by. As a result, my draft folder just about overflows.

So, my tumblr girlfriend and I made a little wager that I couldn’t clear the folder down to below a hundred images by the end of the month. I began at the start of August, going through and either deleting or posting images. Some were from tumblrs that didn’t exist anymore. Some provided inspiration for a ton of fun posts I made. Some were simply there to support an idea I had.

Thus, I do believe I’m owed something besides bragging rights. I’m waiting, darling.


I love photos like these. They’re not porny. Nobody’s making one of those trademark needy Sasha Grey horndog faces. They’re just comfortable.

Too much.


So, I’ve never done this before. But, I have a free evening and I’m just doing some minimal housekeeping. I always have a good laugh over some of the TMIs on my dash and I thought I’d give back. Not promising I’ll post everything, I like to keep my tumblr kind of clean, but let’s see what sort of mess we can make.

Let’s get this TMI Tuesday started. Ask away.


So, my boobs shrank. I know, this is such sexy conversation.

I noticed this when all of my bras just started to feel oversized while on my trip and there were little pockets of space in the cup that would be otherwise good for storing keys, money, change, makeup, a change of shoes, a small animal, etc. At first, I assumed I’d stretched them out somehow in the wash. So, I proceeded to get myself measured and it was confirmed: I’d dropped from a 36C to a 36B. Super.

Looking at them in the mirror at the store, I could see it. They still looked nearly the same, but they weren’t as full. I guess I’d never noticed while away because, while there, my mirror was only large enough to look at my face. 

But, seriously, body, what are you trying to pull here? Of all the things you could’ve made smaller. Nice job.