This is probably silly but I find it extremely hard to take pictures of my own butt, any tips for a fellow kinky girl? Your pictures are beautiful!



It’s a serious skill, here are some of the things I’ve learned in my years of study:

  • Natural light is best. Window-lit booty glows.
  • Check to make sure there are no weird shadows interfering with your light, take a few test shots and look at them to see what you need to adjust.
  • Arch your back for photos that feature your butt.
  • Don’t squeeze or tense your booty when you’re taking butt pics, relax your leg and butt muscles. 
  • I take most of my butt pics myself. I either arch my back and reach around behind me, or I set up the auto-timer on my camera, keeping the camera lower than my waist level.
  • Most butt pics fall flat (HA!) because they’re taken from above the butt. Take the photo from below the butt. Like you’re looking up at that glorious booty. It’s super flattering and accentuates curves. 
  • When I take photos of other people’s cute butt’s I get on my knees, and it’s not just to worship that sweet ass. Work that angle.
  • Bums look different when your legs are together and when they are apart. Also when you’re standing, leaning or bending over. Experiment with different variations and take note of what works well for your butt. 
  • Underwear, lingerie and other clothes can make a butt pic even more interesting, and can hide any tattoos or parts you don’t want exposed. Pants pulled down, skirts pulled up, towels and bed sheets can all add context to a photo.
  • Garter belts frame an ass perfectly. Every time. 
  • All butts are good butts. Like sunsets and puppies your butt is beautiful, but that beauty can sometimes be hard to capture with a camera.
  • Like most other things, you get better at butt photography the more often you practice, so put on some music that makes you feel sexy and document that booty. 

Saving this butt pic cheat sheet forever.



My boyfriend got me the cutest bodysuit ever, and i’m never taking it off



Oh my gosh I love this.

Sometimes it sucks.



We were half way through a decadent dinner, taking our time, smiling too much, enjoying the rare opportunity to chat, just the two of us. We found ourselves discussing cultural expectations and ethical non-monogamy, congratulating ourselves on finding a good balance.

“I’m just glad I’ve finally figured out how to respond when dudes make snide comments about my wife fucking other men,” he said, taking a sip of his drink. My smile faded. “Seriously?” I knew he was being serious but the word slipped out,  I was surprised, “They say it as an insult?” 

He put his drink down slowly, “Well… yeah.” He was tentative.

“You mean like, dirt bag guys you work with say that, or your friends?” I shouldn’t have asked, I could feel my cheeks getting warm. 

“Pretty much everyone. At some point,” his voice was quieter as I took this in. He explained, “The last time it happened we were on Kyle’s porch after finishing up that job on ____ Street. We were having a beer and shooting the shit, I made a dig about Kyle being in trouble with his girlfriend, which he was. It obviously hit a nerve because he shot back ‘Yeah well at least my girl doesn’t fuck other guys.’” I put down my fork, quickly losing my appetite. I liked Kyle. I thought he was a gentleman. He always flirts with me and makes me feel pretty. I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s easier to deal with now that I know how to respond.” he continued, carefully. “People expect me to be insulted, but I’m not, I just look them in the eye and smile and ask them why that makes them uncomfortable. They expect me to be ashamed, but I’m not. The comment itself shows their ignorance. Sometimes I say something condescending like ‘I know that’s hard for you to handle.’ It shuts them up.”

I was quiet. I wanted to defend myself. I wanted to rant about how Kyle has been divorced twice and had a hundred one night stands before settling down with his most recent obnoxiously controlling girlfriend. I wanted to hiss about how jealous he was, and how he obviously wanted to fuck me. I wanted to slam my glass on the table and yell about how I fuck way more women than men yet it’s the dick that makes people uncomfortable. I said nothing.

“Hasn’t anyone ever made comments like that to you? About letting your husband fuck other women?” he asked. I shook my head. People have asked me how I could fuck other men, people have called me slutty, people have questioned my commitment to my husband, but nobody had ever shamed me for my husbands sex life. “Has anyone ever criticized you for having sex with other women?” I asked, even though I knew the answer. He scoffed and said of course not. 

“That’s our culture for you,” I replied, regaining my composure, “I get criticized for my sexual behaviour, and you get criticized for my sexual behaviour. Everyone is worried about policing female sexuality. Nobody is bothered that you fuck other women, it’s expected, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But having a slutty wife, there’s no greater insult apparently. Fucking patriarchy.” I grabbed his drink and finished it. We didn’t order dessert. 




“It isn’t that hard, boy, to like you or love you
I’d follow you down, down, down
You’re unbelievable
If you’re going crazy, just grab me and take me
I’d follow you down down down, anywhere, anywhere.”


“One way or another, we mark the things we love, like channels with buoys, trails
with blazes on trees, days with hours, bodies with stones.” 

– Anne Pierson Wiese, “How We Memorize.”



I like this a lot


I literally bought a harness and I’m too much of a baby to wear it ever but like this is definitely an aesthetic I can get behind.

Pun intended.