Best. Fucking. Command.




Pup and I went out for celebratory pizza tonight because today was a very, very special day.

I mentioned back in February that we’re moving to a new city. Since then, we’ve found a fantastic place to live and started to firm up on the details of our move. Today, I sent in my acceptance for a job offer from a place I really, really, really wanted to work. Like it still hasn’t entirely sunk in yet because, ahhhh, omg guys.

I don’t want to get too specific, but this is meaningful work that has an actual, relevant real-world impact. There’s actual potential for me to advance in this field. Also, it’s the kind of work where once I walk out the door, I’m done until I come back the next day. (At my current job, it’s basically impossible not to take work home, such that I don’t have “real weekends.” It also involves a lot of unnecessary, basically unpaid emotional labor that I am pretty ready to be done with.) 

I am so excited to do something with a tangible impact and to have more time for myself, for my social life, for my hobbies and for whatever the hell else. (Yeah, that means you, tumblr.)



Has @thinkivykink seen this? Someone please tell me Ivy has seen this bc knives. And cuteness.

Idk but I’m glad to be seeing it now.



Wolk Morais Fall ‘17

me @ your funeral


It’s that kind of love.



Christian Dior Fall-Winter 2015

Oh my gosh get on my body.



I love this belt @faustnine made to keep big toys locked inside me