“How do you survive this world?” She asked.
“I have been many women, and each one comes out to play at just the right moment,” I said.


Literally too shy to caption this so uhhhhh



Trenchcoat X: Sunlit – Eva Lovia + Manuel Ferrera

This is gorgeous and so, so sweet 

but also oh my god is that a pizza bodysuit??


“And the weather was so damn sick of being predictable; I heard it began snowing in the Sahara and I wanted to tell you that I’ve changed.” – Lang Leav



I’m teasing Sir on Skype right now.

This was what I wore, with fishnets, during a certain threesome with him and SG that I need to work up the nerve to write about already.

(Please ignore the bruise on my inner thigh, I dropped a freaking kettlebell into my lap.)

Throwback to that time that I made a near perfect gif loop with tumblr’s shitty gif function.




This is preeeeeetty in line with my aesthetic, though.



Wolk Morais Fall ‘17

me @ your funeral


My amazing kink-positive therapist told me I need to get on orchestrating my crazy group sex fantasy.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“In the course of this conversation, it’s the only thing you’ve said you definitively want for yourself” she replied. “Also, come on, you love planning.”


Impulse, Part Two

The party was packed. And while there were some faces I had seen before, the vast majority of the people there were more or less strangers. Fortunately, since the party was held in the hosts’ home, the vibe was mostly pretty chill. There were some people hanging out and talking, as well as some very light play going on. 

But the vast majority of the people at the party were engaged in a few games set up. With so many people there, I felt more comfortable getting involved than I would if it were a smaller group. Wanting to be brave, I urged Pup to go over to where Azure already was and take part in her activity, which was more or less a game of strip Jenga. 

I walked into another area on my own, where a group of people maybe ten in size was playing a game with a few sets of cards. The game had been made by one of the guests, and the cards ranged from mild suggestions, the yellow cards, through adventurous, top, bottom, and all the way up to the dares, the pink cards. “So, just straight up,” a guy who I’d seen at one of these parties before explained when I sat down to join them, “those cards are basically the fucking cards. Like they’re just legit sex.”

“Good to know,” I replied, and stuck to picking cards in the milder category. It had been a long time since I had been to one of these parties, and I wasn’t feeling entirely comfortable with such a new group. The tone itself was still pretty mild anyway, and even when people took more daring cards, they avoided to pink ones altogether.

By the time Pup and Azure came over to join in our game, I’d kissed a very cute girl and allowed someone to give me a massage. But wanting to be brave now that Pup was there, I reached for the cards labelled “bottom” and drew the top one. 


Hi tumblr.

I went to a play party last night for the first time in forever lookin’ cute as hell and did a few brave things I can’t wait to tell you about.