Thursday Thoughts

  1. Thanks for all the love regarding that dick making the comment about my thighs. Here’s some more delightful things about not having a thigh gap.
  2. An anon submitted this link to me recently with absolutely no context and, I’ve gotta say, no context needed. Thank you.
  3. I’m glad to see Matilda is still outspoken about books and is still totally no-nonsense about abuse
  4. This tweet is super accurate.
  5. As is this amazing letter.
  6. And somebody should seriously get me a scimitar.
  7. Straight white boys texting should never keep a girl from her cereal
  8. Also, Hercules is apparently one of them.
  9. Speaking of boys, I can think of a few things that are better.
  10. And a few things to keep in mind when looking for ‘em.
  11. I’m always down for a silly kitty joke.
  12. Or just a silly kitty.
  13. And, of course, the weekly pizza. This is now the only context I’m going to view this song in. MUCH better.

Are you going to put up a wishlist and/or a donate button, then? You post a lot of cute stuff you want…


I guess I should be flattered that somebody wants to buy me stuff on the basis of existing? But I honestly don’t think if I put a donate button up or a wishlist that anyone would sincerely buy stuff or pay someone to somebody who doesn’t show her face. I might be wrong, but I think that puts me in a slightly different genre than the ladies of tumblr who do have wishlists or solicit donations? 

I love how you’re making tumblr personality for yourself. Are you going to start posting original content besides ebooks like videos?


Well, thanks. I guess cleaning this blog up counts as cultivating a personality. 

I don’t see myself in the foreseeable future selling videos of myself, because unfortunately the world is still sex-negative enough that I have to cut my cute little face out of all the pics I post here for fear of losing my job. 

Classing Up Around Here: Sweetheart Ebook Edition


In addition to the From Memory section, I’ve included a link to Ebooks in the sidebar of my tumblr.

So, this means, instead of me having to email Sweetheart to you and whatnot, you can just hit up Smashwords and do it the super legit wayAnd super anonymous, I guess, too.

Right now, it’s available in epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, and txt. It’s also coming soon for your kindle/iPad. 

(Massive apologies for the delay on that. It’s a combination of formatting woes, red tape and life.)

Notice, Ebooks plural. Something’s a-cookin’ and should be joining Sweetheart soon. 😉


Sweetheart, feeling very, very grown up.


Sir’s had to wear suits a lot lately and has been texting me photos and unf I can barely hold it together. I hope this era never ends.


Please ignore the messy room behind me, which I am ALMOST done cleaning.