Ivy’s First Trip to a Dungeon, Part Seven 

After a little bit, Craftsmate and I decided to head over to one of the play areas. Before we sat down, he put my hood back on plus the blindfold and gag in front of everyone and I blushed so hard my cheeks burned against the material covering them. Taking hold of my leash, he escorted me over to a couch.

My feet were starting to become a bit tired from the heels on my boots and there was a growing stumble in my step, so I was grateful when he had me take a seat before I felt him sit down next to me. Around us, I could hear people talking but I could barely make out the conversation. 

Craftsmate cuffed my wrists together in front and leaned in close to me, whispering through the spandex of the hood over my ear. “Do you like that everyone can see you like this?”

I whined around the rubber cock in my mouth and he stroked my forehead as if he were petting the trapped hair beneath the hood.

He continued to explain to me the layout of the room, the people inside of it. His hand rested on my knee and I felt a bit more grounded and secure. Otherwise, the noises and the conversation was a bit overwhelming.

“There’s a girl getting beaten over in the corner. Everyone’s watching this guy with his whip,” Craftsmate explained, “do you think I should volunteer you next? I’m not sure you could handle it. It’s pretty mean-looking.”

I buried my covered face in the crook of his neck and groaned.

He chuckled, “fine, sweetheart. Do you want to watch, too?”

I nodded and he reached up, unbuckling the blindfold.




This is what I wore to the lingerie party last weekend. I felt like a kinky comic book fairy, if such a thing exists.

Heart Garter (also seen here) by CreepyYeha

Impractical yet fantastical panties (also seen here) by LaSenza (they don’t carry this exact design anymore, but they have other fancy costume panties)



Ivy, I think I found your future response for prying anons.

In other news, Mally is my favorite.


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Why is it only our kids that we send, often against their will,

to a camp on a far away island, with a large

group of strangers? Huh?

Don’t be silly, sweetie.

Remember how much

you had last summer?

Sometimes I get too worked up and noisy and spacey.

And Craftsmate will have to lean down and shush me and murmur something like “easy, girl.”

It’s just about the Daddy-est he gets and it’s good enough for me.


Dear Ivy,

Why are you still awake and looking at dirty stuff?

<3, Ivy

Dear Ivy, I hope you won’t take this as a personal attack, it’s just for the sake of discussion. Related to your Miss Representation post, I have to say you’re a little hypocrite in your arguments. You defend a documentary that talks in part about the media setting standards of how a woman should look, but you promote that representation in your tumblr. Most, if not all, of the images of women you post are of gorgeous faces and perfect bodies, and that is pretty much the same.


Hi. I don’t take it as a personal attack, but I do think you need to look at this as a greater issue in pornography than something that is restricted to the confines of my blog. 

The fact is that pornography often excludes women of a variety of backgrounds and body-types. Or, worse, they portray them in ways that are incredibly demeaning and buy into some really awful stereotypes. 

Something I like to ask people is why the girl next door in porn is always white. Not everyone lives next door to a white girl. 

So what I am working with here is inherently flawed. And I reblog pictures from my dashboard and most of that is of skinny white girls because, well, sorry, most of porn is skinny white girls. While I do make an effort to try to get more racial representation up in here, body types are a little more difficult.

Please, find me some well-photographed women who aren’t skinny and made up to look perfect and I will put them on the blog. I just, honestly, don’t like amateur photographs.

But I get the harm that is in these pictures. Within the first few months of using tumblr, I suddenly became obsessed with the idea that I did not have a thigh gap. I’d never been concerned about it until I saw this website’s complete obsession with them and thought it was something I needed to have. It woke up some really unhealthy thoughts and I had to reassure myself that I was being absolutely ridiculous.

So, I’m sorry, I wouldn’t say I promote that representation and I think it’s a little harsh to call me a hypocrite since this blog represents literally a fraction of me as a person. I was just talking to a friend the other day about how, when nudity regulations in films were relaxed in the 40s, there was such a beautiful variety of bodies in the media and imperfect nudity was a gorgeous and celebrated thing. Think about Jane Russell and the fact that it’s so rare now-a-days to see big breasts that actually MOVE on a body that is suited to carry them naturally.

It’s hard to compare mainstream media to porn and it’s hard to get these bodies on my tumblr when they really don’t exist in the stuff I’m sifting through on my dash.