The waiting is always the worst of it.

Hi, girlfriendbdsmgallery. I’m always flattered when somebody likes a photo of me enough to reblog it, but I find it super troubling that you’ve reblogged my image and tagged it “exgf.”

I really hope, and I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here, that you’ve tagged it this because my back and ass remind you of an ex-girlfriend (though you have also tagged it things like girlfriend, slave, etc), and not because you are trying to fetishize this image as some sort of ex-girlfriend revenge porn photo.

The photos I put on my tumblr are both taken and posted consensually. They are pieces of my relationships with other people, with my body, with my sexuality. 

Ex-girlfriend revenge porn is not something I want my images associated with. It’s not something I want to exist. It’s not something I want sexualized. It is a brutal form of shaming an individual for being sexual and an outright betrayal of trust. 

Everyone is allowed to have fantasies, though I ask that you not only refrain from imposing something so problematic and harmful on a picture of me taken consensually by the man I love, but also consider that it is perhaps irresponsible to portray the violation and shaming of a former partner as something for sexual consumption.

Once again, I hope it was just that I remind you of an ex-girlfriend.


Sir and I are headed back to the states. He’s going to be here for a little while for work stuff. I’ll be with him for the next week, then he’ll be with me for Independence Day, then he’ll be not all that far away for a little bit. I’m so excited.

Until then, I’ve got a massive trip ahead of me. Unfortunately, because I had to change my return flight, I’m not able to fly with Sir (wah) but at least I feel a little more assured about what’s waiting on the other end of this trip than I did on the way here.


So I should probably save some of the photos from this set for when I actually get around to telling you the story of that night, but can you blame me for just wanting to post them all immediately?


Need these panties, thanks.

Sir is the ultimate meanie and literally just punked me.


Legit like I just had to go to the bathroom and Sir was like, “oh everyone is definitely asleep don’t bother getting dressed.” And so I like walk out there and his roommate is coming out of the bathroom so I was like “shit” and freaking booked it back into the bedroom where Sir is sitting there laughing hysterically. And I’m like, “oh my God your freaking roommate is out there.” And he goes, “oh, yeah, I knew that. I saw him in the kitchen. I thought it would be funny.” (This individual has already seen me naked in another context but GAH.) And the roommate’s at the door like trying to talk all serious through laughter, “hey, Ivy, are you all right?” And I’m all, “go away.” And now Sir is just like sitting here in bed like pretending to apologize but every time he tries to he just starts laughing. So this is the person I decided to be with, apparently.