Weird side thoughts while looking at porn like this:

I wish I could travel more.



Handoff, Part Five

(Parts 1-4.)

How do you feel?

That’s all right.

Oh yes? Not a big girl right now?
It’s not like being… young, for me. Just small.

Like something I could hold in my hand?
Yes, Mister.

Like I’m doing right now.
Yes, Mister.

Do you feel safe here?
Uh huh.

Do you feel all used up? All worn out?
… Maybe.

Or do you think you can take a little more?
A little more what?

Oh, so you are coming back to yourself a little.
Maybe. Mister.

“Maybe.” Well. Maybe I want to do a little something you won’t bounce back from so fast. Maybe I want you to be thinking about this for a long time.
Uh uh.

You think I won’t? Or you think I can’t?
I dunno.

Maybe I want you to beg before I let you leave this room.
I bet you can’t make me.

Guess we’ll have to see how much more you can deal with, then, won’t we?

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Not gonna lie, I didn’t actually know he had managed to fist me until he wrote this and sent me the draft last night. I thought he’d only made it up to three or four fingers.

Of course, I had my suspicions. (And we’d established parameters, safewords, etc.)

But I’ve been blushing about it all day.






Remember that reddit post that was going around several months ago about the dude who wanted an open relationship with his girlfriend because he wanted to date “hotter” women than his fat girlfriend but then when she agreed she was dating tons of hot guys and he couldn’t get a single woman to date him so he wanted to close the relationship because he thought it was unfair?

Sometimes I think about that and it gives me life.  

Here it is

. Shit’s glorious.

reblogging for the link bless


A little levity for your Monday morning.

Legitimately the whole time I was reading this I was like “fuck YES you go get it GIRL.”

(Except also dump that man because yuck.)



everyone saying how bi women in relationships with men are some how invalidated/lose their wlw card or whatever bullshit are really reinforcing the patriarchal idea that men can (and do) fundamentally change a woman’s identity



Pup’s Father: Sorry we turned up so early. Turns out we can’t check in until 4.

Me: That’s fine, don’t worry about it.

Pup’s Mother: We’re staying at [hotel that I went to with @doctortease to do that scene where he put a speculum in me and I clenched so hard I pushed it out]. Have you heard of it?

Me: [nearly chokes on my drink]

Pup: [trying his damnedest to keep a neutral expression and not laugh]

Me: Yeah, ah. It’s very nice.


Well, sheesh.



ready to smooch some cutes

My gosh would smooch for sure.


Reeeeally fed up

with random men calling me “sweetie,” “sweetheart” and “young lady” when I’m clearly wearing my work clothes and heels (but also when I’m wearing my pajamas and I answer the door for a delivery.)

I’m just generally tired of men just deciding they have the right to infantilize me.