I cannot thank you enough for the pillowcase idea. I brought it up to my Daddy (with much blushing of course) and we tried it out and it is our New Favourite Thing Ever c: It totally solves the “how to non-awkwardly breath control while doggy style” problem! A big kinky thanks from us ;)


You’re very welcome. Just always be careful and mindful when you’re doing breathplay: have a way to signal a partner when the experience is too much, especially if you become unable to speak. And to the top: don’t just wait for a safeword. Check in and be attentive to the person.

Sorry to mom out there but play responsibly, kids. Hehe.


True facts: sex with a rope harness is amazing. It’s a good way for the penetrator to control the angle. I’m a huge, huge fan.


Oh gosh, put it on my body.



You’re my ~ Beautiful Bookworm ~

A sweet/scary thing is that Pup and I have been talking about moving in together. 

We realized in the time we’ve been dating, we’ve only taken showers together. And so one of those silly little things we’ve got in the back of our heads when we get around to looking for a place is that a tub would be really, really nice.


Just arranged a really rough, really intense threesome-type scene for myself for a party next week and I’m just sitting pretty now.



A position she’d always wanted, to know that she was helpless to their impulses. It wasn’t merely their fingers and mouths however that caused her nipples to be so achingly hard and her pussy so wet, it was the fact that she understood just how well they knew her body so intimately inside and out. The knowledge that they both knew just how it felt, and that they’d keep at it until she was screaming for them to stop. Knowing that they’d maybe even keep playing with her past that point made her body pulsate with arousal even more; after all, they knew just what her body really desired.

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Um. Yeah. This.


I have mentioned that Pup likes to put a pillowcase on my head and fuck me, right?

It’s like kind of the best/worst.