So get a look at all the layers over her eyes and ears.

That’s the kind of sensory deprivation I’m talking about.


Hello Ivy, here is a submission of my tits with clothespins that my Sir ordered me to put on, which were super ow; let me know what you think  😉 

If you or any of your followers would like to submit to my blog, it would be much appreciated in more ways than one 🙂

 – My Sir gave me the challenge of obtaining 10 female submissions to my blog. My reward: some well earned play time from him. It’s been a long duration of denial and I would like to end the teasing texts and pictures. So I’m offering a nude submission in return for a female submission to my blog. Help a sub end her denial period because her pussy badly needs to be fucked hard. 

lace-and-ribbons-galore sends me the cutest submissions ever. Thank you for sharing.

While I don’t submit to other tumblrs, if any of you all want to support her cause, send along a photo.


Here’s a photo of my problematic boobs to break up all the text and vitriol on this blog today.


I’ve never been sold on clothespins, but Sir used them a lot during this past visit and they’re strangely growing on me. I like how focused the pain is, how it’s consistent and how you have to breathe through it. I like how it’s a little bit of a challenge and a test of endurance.


Field of Vision – Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari


I love how the clothespin says “hehehe.”

Because as serious as this might seem under a blindfold,

to everybody else it’s just a silly little game.



If this doesn’t fix your squirmies, then I don’t know what will.


The Man’s trying to keep me down. Telling me my squirmies need to be fixed.

Me and my squirmies aren’t going to take this sitting down.


I love how hastily done that gag is in comparison with how nicely done her nails are. Clearly, this girl has priorities. 


Two things:

  1. I drool like crazy when these get put on my tongue.
  2. Surprisingly, the most painful place to take these is not my clitoris, but between my fingers and toes. (Yes, a certain someone is evil enough to put them there.)

Tonight was just practice. At the real event, she’ll be trading the comfort of the mattress for the hard, unforgiving wood of a dinner table.