Handoff, Part Six 

(Parts 1-5 here.)

If I can be honest: I wasn’t even aware of how much of his hand was inside me at that point. Just that at least a pretty sizeable majority of it was, and that it felt strange and good and somehow a little bit like an accomplishment.

D withdrew his hand to roll me over onto my back, leaving me empty a moment before easing his fingers in once more. “Look at you, little one,” he taunted, something akin to mirth shining in his eyes. “Going back to a hotel with a bad man and letting him do this to you.”

I was perhaps a little embarrassed at how easily my body was yielding to his hand. At how pliant I could be made by hands that had never even touched me before. But he was right, I had gone back with him to his hotel room and taken off all of my clothes. I had let him tie me up, spread me with a speculum and then with his own hand, all without betraying much of his composure at all.

Early on, I’d rubbed him briefly through his pants while he kissed my neck, back when I was still dressed and unencumbered. But since, save for a moment or two where I bit down on his fingers in my mouth, I had been made just to receive. Which was, as it turned out, its own form of domination. One that I had come to realize I actually enjoyed.

We laid in his bed when it was over, chatting idly until my head stopped swimming. He’d untied me and my wrists were still looped in the vague indentations left by the ropes.  It feels strange to say that he was gentle in the aftermath when in some infinitely frustrating but impossibly hot way, he’d basically been gentle the whole time.

But nonetheless, he pulled my jacket on for me and smoothed my hair off of my face. In the lobby of the hotel, he fetched me a lollipop from the front desk. Outside, we waited on the curb for the Lyft I called to arrive. I stood, sucking the lollipop and holding D’s hand. And I felt both incredibly small and – really – rather grown up.


Submitted by myanonymouslair.

I’ve spent forever trying to figure out what to say here about this but I can’t even think about it without literally blushing.


Got lost in the woods this weekend to get rid of some pre-new-job jitters and spotted this heart in a tree which reminded me of your treat-yo-self blogiversary.

Happy number 5 big girl! 😉

-Casey xox

Omg @kinkycasey this is a gorgeous photo. Thank you thank you for sharing.


Hey Ivy, I know it’s not how everyone would treat themselves, but some new double-pointers and a brisket burger are right up there for me! Obvs being tied up by Daddy and fucked til I can’t figure out where I am, but he’s in America and I’m not, so, yeah…

I love reading your blog, sharing the highs and lows and relating to the complexities of figuring out who we are! Thank you for being titillating, revealing and honest. It’s a privilege to read along.

Awesome treating yourself, @slipperygal​! Thanks so much. Major props for doing the long distance thing, hoping you two can get together soon.


To me, treating myself often means new lingerie… I love the softness of the lace, the little bows and the way it makes me feel ^_^

Happy blogaversary, Ivy!

@norapinephrine, what a gorgeous bra! I love treating myself by wearing nice/new lingerie, too. (Or, you know, ending up wearing it when all my everyday underwear is in the laundry :P)


Ivy, I hope we’re not too late to submit. First and foremost, happy blogaversary! We think of your blog all the time as a huge source of inspiration (along with others, like the late, great spankaway) and a big reason why we decided to make our own blog.

We stay mildly anonymous, but I’ll introduce myself as T. I’m the one with the penis (because I can’t think of any other appropriate qualifier)

Often times I’ll scroll through our blog thinking about how opening up like we did taught us to be more adventurous. From tying A down with a vibrator strapped to her and leaving the room, to making her wear a butt plug all day throughout work, we’ve expanded our sexuality and what it means. Sure, there are things we’re not interested in trying. Everyone has limits. But seeing you open up like you do helped us do the same and we feel better for it. 

Keep doing what you do and know that it is appreciated by so many.


Oh my gosh!!! Love this submission from T of tnastories. What a great story, happy adventuring!


Dear thinkivykink, happy tumblr anniversary! We are at this very moment at a wedding reception. To celebrate your milestone, we snuck away from the party and took a moment to head up to one of the reserved rooms for some play and photos. Treat Yo’self! Very best regards, ourprerogatives

Hehe. Hope you had lots of fun, @ourprerogatives. <3


Happy Birthday Ivy’s blog! And thank you for a reminder that self care is so important. It’s a constant struggle for me. So this morning, when I woke up and read your idea about doing something nice for myself, I initially thought that I don’t have the time, or even the need. But then I realized that this is exactly the point. So I am taking a slow day. Sitting on the couch, eating my favorite candy, binge-watching Mozart in the Jungle, applying layer over layer of lotion to my feet and hands. Thank you for the inspirations, thank you for my slow day 🙂

@citrustree, I love this. And I totally know the feeling, I read posts about self care all the time and I’m like awesome, that’s amazing, but not for me. Sounds like you have a beautiful day ahead, so glad I could be a part of it. <3


Sometimes treating yourself is watching the progression of bruises so you can prove to yourself you are a badass. 

Ivy, I love your blog, I love how you challenge yourself to grow and share and explore. If I can be be half as brave I’d think I was doing pretty good. 



Omg, @confidentialcupcake, you are a badass! (Bad pun bad pun unintentional but I’m sticking with it.) This is definitely treating yourself.


To treat myself I bought myself these super adorable pillow fighting pinup sheets!

Happy Anniversary Ivy!

@myanonymouslair just gave me some major sheet envy. What a fun way to treat yourself!