Bobbi Starr, Lily LaBeau  #fuckingslapped

She thought participating in their study would be a quick way to earn some easy money. She might be helping people, she thought. She might even learn something.

She’s certainly learned that this is what happens when you don’t read the consent form.


Do what you have to do, she’d said.

Anything – anything at all – to make her better.


The expressiveness in her hands just gets me.




Because some girls just can’t seem to keep their legs closed.


“This is how we know the world: hit something hard, hit something soft, sit by a glowing window and watch the lighted storm swim by.” – Lisa Olstein, “Leopards Are Flexible Cats.”


Some things from my trip to see @doctortease:

1. I’ve received further confirmation that I’m a tough cookie.

2. Because it turns out I, uh, really like electricity. Particularly in the form of TENS units. (It’s a really fun form of pain!!!)

3. That said I totally can’t cum when a TENS unit is switched back on at the last minute.

4. Until I, um, can? Because it’s gotten that intense?

5. Another fun insight: if you get a rope wet and hit me with it, I’ll actually bruise. In like a pretty, firework-y kind of way.

6. It’s really fantastic to have nice friends in cool places, but it’s also great to be home.

7. (That said, I am so fucking jetlagged.)


I’d die of embarrassment, but I’d kiiiinda love this.


I love the two hairties on her arm. Because, ugh, I’m a sucker for the familiar. The immediate. The stuff that makes it all feel natural, even ordinary.


Go on. Make me afraid.