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Sometimes I just wish I was a pretty little thing who gets used all the time an otherwise waits patiently until she can be useful and that’s just about it.



I will always reblog waterboarding as sexual torture.


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I really need a white lace bodysuit like yesterday.


I’ve seen a couple of people I’m friends with lately posting on FetLife looking for people to gangbang them (tis the season?) and I’ve been so tempted to ask around myself. Except I am entirely too shy to be like, “beloved penises in my life, please come and overwhelm me.”

But, I would really want Sir to be present for it so I felt safe and because he’d be in charge of me in a really hot way in that context. For now, unfortunately, it’ll just be relegated to fantasy.

A week or two ago I was talking to Pup about it and he was like, “well, okay, go find three other dicks. Right? You want like four people?”

I hid my face in my hands. “Maybe a little more?”

“Like seven?”

I rolled over and buried my face in my pillow. “Like ten, twenty.”


Pup and I were hanging around at my place when the subject of sex came up. It had a few times before, but there had been the issue of me not yet being on birth control and then the issue of Pup having his relationship problems.

Okay, I should clarify that hanging out means that he was sitting on my couch and I was sucking his cock. 

Anyway, I pulled him from my mouth and gave him a teasing smile. “Do you want to fuck me with this?” I asked.

Pup pulled me up and into his lap. “Do you want me to?”

I smirked and ground against his lap. Besides the material of my dress that had fallen between my legs, there was nothing else separating him from just entering me. “I asked you first.”

“I do,” he said. His hands settled on my hips, “can I?”

“I’ll have to talk to Sir,” I said. “In the meantime, I can just tease you with it.”

I continued grinding myself against him, until Pup just smiled and picked me up by the hands on my hips, threatening to thrust up inside me. I slapped him playfully on the shoulder and wiggled out of his grasp. A few moments later, I resumed teasing him, and he once again pulled me up and feigned preparing to penetrate me. 

“You should talk to your boyfriend, then,” Pup said.

I smiled. “Maybe I will.”


So I’ve never had a threesome with two other girls. Does this count as a New Year’s resolution? 




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