Today I’m giving my last lecture of the semester before my little ducklings start their final exams. This was my first semester of teaching undergrads, and while I’m definitely not pregaming it, I’m probably going to sit on my floor and have a beer tonight.

Overall, I’m really glad I picked this path. There were definitely days I was like wow I’m getting through to these little people and then days where I looked down halfway through giving a lecture and thought goddammit my shirt is definitely see-through.

Here’s to the next however many to come.


Tempted to turn this into a game where for every paper I grade, I get to write down one story for you all.


Teaching stinks because now I have to be super super careful about visible bruises.



Current status.

I finished up with my first year of my Master’s program yesterday, threw a party and am now on my way to see my family and Sir for a few weeks.


(Porn to return soon.)


There’s a guy in my graduate cohort who looks and acts like Ron Swanson and I just wanna smush his silly face and make him eat some breakfast food with me.


Today was too long and too much and I just can’t and I’m going to bed.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow’s a little easier on me.




heading out tonight as I have essentially just finished my undergrad.

Craftsmate makes me green drinks
called ivysaurs because he thinks he is hilarious.

See you all tomorrow morning. Or more realistically tomorrow afternoon.


So, I got my thesis back today and got a really great grade.

Of course this was ruined by one of my readers including misogynist comments in my crit and feeling the need to mansplain something I had researched for months that he “just had a hunch” about.

Nonetheless, a high grade and low expectations for the old boys club which is my department both “satisfied,” so to speak.