At the end of our second date, Nilla asked me if he was too vanilla for me. I laughed, because the question was kind of silly. 

I guess because I mess around with Flint sometimes and I’m a kinky girl, he assumed that I only gravitated to kinky people when looking for partners. Which is, I understand, how some kinky people navigate non-monogamy and partner-finding.

But let me lay out our second date for you:

  1. He picked me up and brought me to his place.
  2. We took a few bong rips and watched The Muppets, which was the best thing to do.
  3. When I said I didn’t want to have sex right away, he asked instead if he could go down on me. To which I was like, uhhh, yeah.
  4. He was really good at that. Like, I mean, full-on loving the pussy good at it. Like, way beyond spelling the alphabet with his tongue good at it. Like, enthusiastic, game-changingly good at it.
  5. When I sucked his cock, he actually murmured, “how do you even do that?” at one point which might be the best testimonial ever.

So, no, when a guy grabs my hips, throws me down and makes sweet face-love to my pussy, he is not too vanilla for me. 


I first met Nilla when I accidentally flashed him while showing Flint a bruise he’d given me on my breast. Of course, I was only about 500% embarrassed about that.

The second time, I met up with him, Flint and one of their mutual partners, the Librarian, for drinks. We had a fun evening, but at the end of the night we went our separate ways. But, while I was sucking Flint’s cock that night, he got a text from Nilla and replied with an explanation of what I was up to. I blushed like crazy.

The third, we ended up hanging around and I whined about how it’s been too long that I’ve been spit-roasted and Flint pointed out that my dress was a little see-through and I started blushing like crazy all over again. Flint tried to initiate something, having me walk ahead of them while they discussed me. We were both coming down with the same cold, and we were both feeling a little awkward when Flint basically suggested a threesome. I understood why he thought it might break the ice, but we both got shy.

The fourth happened because we both texted each other the night after the third saying we’d felt awkward and we both wanted to get to know each other a little better. Even though he had a flight the next evening, we made time to see each other in the morning. We had coffee and got to know each other. I learned he wasn’t terribly kinky, but that doesn’t bother me all that much. He’s good-looking and funny and we have very easy conversation. 

Right before we said goodbye, he asked if he could kiss me. Finally, the context felt right. 


This Saturday’s selfie comes with a little story. Simply:

  • Flint gave me this bruise and owww.
  • I accidentally left my phone charger at Macy’s place.
  • Flint and a friend of his met me in town yesterday to return it to me.
  • I pulled my dress down in public to show him this bruise. His friend probably didn’t see (whew) and I’m not dwelling on it if he actually did (nooope).

While the flashing was not caught on film, here’s the bruise. And my nipple.