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I can’t tell you how many things I get off to that involve just getting absolutely overwhelmed in one way or another.


Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh.


Oh my gosh that driiiiip.


Gah, I’ll just leave this here and have a LOT of feelings about it.  



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My boyfriend got me the cutest bodysuit ever, and i’m never taking it off



Since you liked my ass so much (the one with the pretty red bow), my Sir said that I should present my tits to you, with a little something extra. Please post this and I hope you enjoy. 

Oh my goodness. I’m kind of speechless. I’m here sitting with all my sads and then I get this sweet little submission to follow up on the cute booty from yesterday. 

Is that lipstick? Marker? I never thought I’d see my blog name written on somebody and it’s ultra-flattering and I don’t know what I did to deserve this and thank yooou.


But look how eager he is.

Oh my gosh I want one or I just wanna work with one on a little subby team.

There and Back Again



Oliver was changing the sheets ten minutes after she’d left.

It would be a lie to say he hadn’t counted each second, run through the hypotheticals in his mind about how far away she’d have to be before she might realise she’d forgotten something, past the distance where she could just turn around. She’d have to take out her phone and actually let him know she had left something behind. Five minutes away seemed like the threshold, and so he counted to ten, watched the number on his phone tick up as if pulling him out of a trance. He did it in the living room, so he didn’t have to occupy the same space as the offending laundry.

It was the thought of going back to sleep, of lying down and trying to fall unconscious with that most olfactory of reminders enveloping him, that was too much to bear. So he stripped the mattress, emptied the pillowcases, hurled the duvet from one side of the room to another to make a little space. Morning light flooded his room like bleach, and for a minute he paused.

Mistakes happen. Even grand ones, the pile-ups of the world, start with something small; a distracted driver glancing at their phone, a patch of black ice. But most curious are those which seem to take a life of their own, continue apace even though he should have the ability to stop them, should be able to intervene and divert the evening away from that most regrettable of directions. He could have done something. He should have done something.

He changed his sheets, and he went back to bed.

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Guys rolledtrousers is baaaaaaaaaack.



I love how goofy Leigh is, so here’s 4 gifs of her doing silly things with her boobs 😛