Indisputably, I’m the queen of the pouty blowjob.



Faith for by Matt Williams

Being one myself, I’ve got a thing for pouty girls.


I want to be a pouty suspended girl

but I’m way too much of a control freak for suspension

so I’ll settle for being a pouty girl for now.


You say all the time what I pouty girl I am,

I’m just gonna own it.


Happy spankings sound like lots of fun

But I’m way too much of a pouty girl.


She was terribly selfish when it came to pleasure. She only wanted to feel fingers and mouths upon her own needy body and rarely took the incentive to return the favor. The way she saw it with other men, just letting them have her in such a way was doing them a favor. 

But not with him, he won’t stand for that sort of selfishness. He’ll stop touching her all together, stop playing her body the way he does so well. And, when she’s finally so frustrated by the inability of her own fingers to mimic the feeling of someone else’s hands, she’ll come to him. He’ll present her with two options: be a good girl and give him her mouth or simply just go without. 


Sitting down is not going to help you, brat.

Now stand up, touch your toes and learn your lesson.