Look Daddy stinging nettles! mastersubverter

So that’s a thing? I thought it was just a bitch getting swatted and stabbed with some random shrubbery. I’m so ignorant of this stuff.

What are nettles?

They’re shit that gets put in panties when someone misbehaves.

Haha. You’re an asshole, Sir. <3


While I was out with some friends earlier, SG and I started texting. While I have decided to postpone any more physical stuff with him until certain things clear up, I’m not opposed to the occasional something in my texts.

He does this thing where he’s so condescendingly dominant. He’ll call me things like adorable in a mocking way when I try to playfully assert myself. It makes me blush and feel so positively turned on. He’ll just tease me and it’ll drive me right up the wall in the best way.

I was feeling kind of frisky so I kept egging him on. I have to learn, however, not to dish out more than I can take. When he threatens to follow through in that way he does, it tends to weaken my resolve.


This is the kind of face that I’d make to provoke my tumblr girlfriend Dacry

It is without a doubt that this is the sort of brattiness that she will absolutely make me regret displaying. And give me reason to do it more often. 


Elizabeth Ward Gracen