There was a guy in my life my freshman year. He was very attractive, very funny, very intelligent. But, there was something a little uncomfortable and closed off about him. We stayed friendly, but our schedules and interests just couldn’t sync the right way. But, I am still proud to hear that he’s found his own and has embraced his bisexuality and is now so comfortable in his own skin. 

The other night, I ran into him and a guy in their costumes dancing up a storm at one of the parties we hit up. He looked so comfortable, I was happy for him.

“Now, who is this?” I asked with a chuckle, “last time I checked, you said you didn’t dance.”

He smiled, “look at you.” He broke off from the guy and started dancing with me. He spun me around so my back was to him and kind of pushed me into the other guy. I assumed that he had made a mistake or was just trying to pass me off, but I still felt him behind me.

So, I wind up between them. Their hands were all over me. His dance partner was grinning at me. The music was sensational. Not to mention their moves were insane. I was getting practically passed back and forth at some points, at others both of them were on me. I have to admit, it made me hot. They knew what they were doing. And, the fact that they were into each other as well as into me? Goodness gracious.

I look over to the group I was with and notice that guy in my frat checking me out. He smiled when we made eye contact. I winked. Eye-fucking commenced. And then: “It’s funny.”

I smiled, “what’s funny?" 

"That there’s two of them and they still can’t handle you.”

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