Some coping mechanisms die hard.


Now that I’ve got your attention.

This orally fixated girl is looking for this cartoon/drawing that pops up here on cumblr every so often. I’ve been scouring the Internet for it, but to no avail.

It’s this faux vintage instruction pamphlet with a woman getting really thoroughly gagged. Like she has a swimming cap on her forehead and has tape/gauze wrapped around her head. There’s terribly condescending commentary – the best kind – written next to each image in this little cartoon instruction set.

Hopefully someone knows what I’m talking about and can lend a hand?

It’s for the sake of knowledge.


I’m just the teensiest bit orally fixated. And I love the feeling of being used and owned that accompanies having fingers shoved into my mouth. It shows this very blatant disregard for boundaries that kind of emphases the position of subordination I am being placed into.