After my mother left, I went out with a bunch of friends and just danced for hours. It was probably one of the best nights out I’ve had all year, we all just let loose.

At some point, I caught up with that guy in my frat. I know, followers, I know, I swore myself off him earlier this week. But, according to one of my friends, he talks about me nonstop when I’m not around. I don’t think I can honestly fault him for going out and having some random hookup when we aren’t even together. 

Anyway, right away he asked, “why didn’t you introduce me to your mother?”

I laughed and shook my head. “You could’ve come over and introduced yourself like everyone else.”

“You should’ve introduced me,” he insisted. “I didn’t want to be rude and come over.”

“How noble,” I replied.

He shrugged, “I thought she’d want to meet the guy who is taking you to the formal.”

“Oh, so now you’re taking me to the formal?” I raised a brow.

“If you’ll let me.”

One of my friends was waving me back over to the dance floor. I smiled and started to walk over, but not before saying, “only if you’re a gentleman.”

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