I’m sitting on my couch watching Family Feud with my grandmother and the question is, “things you’d bring with you if you’re going to elope” and my grandmother, without missing a beat, blurts out, “my diaphragm.”

You go, grams.


In reference to this conversation: 

You see that smile at the end of the gif? My grandmother was giving it. It’s one of those “hell yeah I’m sexy, try and take me on, world” smiles. She just oozed confidence in it. And what was next to her in the photograph? My uncle in a stroller. 

When she was younger, my grandmother was a model. She was terribly thin. Yet, she told me that picture, where she’s all curved out, was her favorite photograph of herself and her body. She’s just plain gorgeous in it.

I swear, she’s my hero.


Gotta love that sassy face.

Speaking of sassy face; Radeo (omg! squeeeee!!! crush!!) has a tumblr:


all hail the queen.