I’m not usually into peachy/pink things, but something about this gag makes me want it.

You sure it’s the gag?


Best part about this?  Nope, not the crucifixion, nor the bamboo, nor that tight little pussy harness.  You’ll have to hit the high-res link to see it, but there’s a tiny drop of water in midsplash just above her pubis.  How fucking hot is that?  It’s not just shibari, it’s water torture.

No wonder her nipples are so hard.  There are a few other little wet spots on her belly and a couple drops underneath her, but clearly this is just the beginning of a full session.  She’s already flushed and panicking, knowing that he’s going to take his sweet time, making her jump and squirm with each icy drop–never knowing where the next one’s going to land.

Maybe if she begs hard enough (notice she’s blindfolded but not gagged) she’ll get the vibrator pressed hard against her aching pussy lips–or maybe he’ll just suspend a few ice cubes on twine above her and leave her for an hour or two.  Maybe she’ll even get fucked, just maybe, if she promises to be a very good girl this time.

But I wouldn’t count on it.






I love this! Made me hard!

I want to do this with some other girls. This is so hot.

This has been my favorite video for a long time. I wish i could always keep this on my front page  🙂

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A lovely video–I do like Beautiful Agony.  But what gets to me about this one is the girl in the bottom right…  she’s not even trying!  She pretends to be moving her hand a bit at the beginning, but then stops and spends the rest of the clip just glancing at the other girls and occasionally nuzzling them.

Eventually, I dug up the rest of this series (“Pentagony”) and found another clip where she does get in on the action. Delicious. Ms. Lower Right (I think her Beautiful Agony ID is 753) has a nice, vocal, giggly orgasm at around 2:45.

(It’s not letting me embed, so here’s the link:




“Are you nervous, Bethany?”

She nodded, trying not to tremble.  Her knees were weak; she kept telling herself it was from fear.  She locked her legs and kept her body straight, feeling his eyes on her as she stood with her back to him in the dimly lit office.

“That’s understandable.  You’ve probably grown used to your condition–attached, even.  It can be scary to think of having it taken away.”

“Condition?” she managed, throat tight.

“You’re misguided, Bethany.  You believe your sexuality is something you have to guide, master, control.”  She heard the leather of the couch creak as he stood.  “For most people that is possible.  For you…”  His hand brushed her lower back, and she stiffened.  “Absurd.”

“Doctor,” she started, but he cut her off.

“That’s right.  I’m the doctor, and I’m going to help you, Bethany.  This treatment is going to teach you to surrender control of your sex to someone who can handle it.”  His fingertips ran lightly down, between her cheeks, then lower to spread the undeniably dripping lips of her bare pussy.  “Isn’t that what you want?”

All Bethany could do in response was whimper.



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“The doctor will be right with you,” smiled the girl at the desk.

Bethany tried not to tremble, not least to avoid hearing her chains rattle against the legs of the chair.  Her boyfriend had recommended the clinic, but he hadn’t prepared her to be stripped to her stockings, gagged and bound in a dim waiting room with six equally nervous-looking young women.  Judging by the sounds coming from back in the office, this “doctor” was either torturing women or subjecting them to screaming orgasms.

Or, said a sneaky corner of her mind, both.

Two more girls were unchained and pulled reluctantly down the corridor, stumbling in their ankle chains and stilettos; under their squeals, Bethany swore she could make out a whine like an electric mixer set to high.  Across from her on the office wall was a mock-Victorian poster, detailing causes and remedies of “female hysteria.”  Studying it, trying to distract herself, Bethany could feel her own wetness seeping down the fake leather seat.





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I want to read what’s on that card.

“Annette,” Bisexual Female, 21

Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Experience: vaginal and oral penetration, cunnilingus, some anal play

History: Annette is a shy young bitch who came to our shelter after getting into the wrong car one tipsy night at college. While she has some history of sluttiness, she is having trouble adjusting to life as a pet, and will benefit greatly from a firm hand. She may also need socialization before being brought into a new home. If you own other pets, feel free to bring them in to play with Annette and get acquainted.

Training: We recommend twice-daily walks on a choke chain, disciplinary floggings, predicament bondage and multiple penetration. Vibrator therapy should prove useful as well, but orgasmic rewards should be doled out only sparingly to keep her eager to please. If she gets overly excited at inappropriate times, a quick pussy spanking and a time-out in her crate should calm her down.

The adoption fee includes full waxing, a microchip ID implant, vaccination and a new collar. Remember, follow-up visits will be conducted at one month and six months to ensure that Annette is healthy and satisfactory.

We feel Annette has great potential, and will make some owner very happy!  See Laura at the front desk if you are interested in her!