i read frequently on submissive blogs that they fantasize about being abducted.  but how do you approach making that a reality?  how do you put yourself in that situation, without feeling that the play is contrived, but also without putting yourself in danger?  it’s possible, as the linked posts below attest to.  there were many important factors that made it work.  the two most important were of course the Dominant and the submissive.  first and foremost, there was immutable trust in these two.  why?  because they had previously talked about what they wanted, discussed limits, and had safewords in place, as i discovered from interviewing a party involved.  he knew the scenario she wanted, but gave no indication of what was to come.  the Dom preplanned and prepared.  he used stealth and misdirection.  and during the scene, he was attentive, observant, and in control of the play, and of equal importance, of himself.  the sub quickly realized what was happening, and the key here was that she realized she was in good hands, but she didn’t let that knowledge ruin the experience.  she quickly knew that within the little world that he created for her, she was allowed to experience the excitement of fear.  this will not work for everyone, because not everyone can do the things these two did.  he…observant, patient, thoughtful.  she…trusting, accepting, and willing to let go and live in that moment.  enjoy.

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Holy Christ.




The point isn’t to give her pleasure, not exactly. The point is to make her come. Her body is bound like a package for efficiency and to keep her exposed. “Helpless” doesn’t begin to describe it. “Helpless” implies the possibility of help.

Each time the timer clicks over he walks into the cell with the tool and gets to work. She writhed at first, squirmed, resisted, but these particular bindings provide plenty of handles and leave her nowhere to go. Each time he hauls her back to the center of the bed, switches on the vibrator, and gets to work.

She’s lost count, now, lost track of why they’re doing this or whether there was any point in resistance. The timer clicks and he walks in and uses the tool on her aching hot wet place and she comes. Not just once, either. She comes and comes until her pussy cramps, until she’s wrung out and sobbing for breath, until every nerve is throbbing and raw and her brain is too thick to think.

Eventually he turns the tool off and cranks the timer back up. She sags in her bonds, eyes unfocused, panting. He walks out, and she waits for fifteen minutes to tick by again.



Ugh. Can I?

What you can’t see from this angle, of course, is that her gag is fitted with a ring in the front. Those other two toys? They’re part of the rotation: each one in turn gets stuffed first into her cunt, then (after what seems like a very long time) pulled out and shoved in her mouth, and finally into her ass before being run through the wash and having its batteries replaced. She’s been tied up this way for hours, in an impossibly arched position, and the cycle of use keeps her so wet that she can feel it running down her belly to drip from her breasts.

And every time she hears the footsteps behind her, she arches up again, offering her aching holes, hoping just maybe that she’ll get something better than a toy…