Best part about this?  Nope, not the crucifixion, nor the bamboo, nor that tight little pussy harness.  You’ll have to hit the high-res link to see it, but there’s a tiny drop of water in midsplash just above her pubis.  How fucking hot is that?  It’s not just shibari, it’s water torture.

No wonder her nipples are so hard.  There are a few other little wet spots on her belly and a couple drops underneath her, but clearly this is just the beginning of a full session.  She’s already flushed and panicking, knowing that he’s going to take his sweet time, making her jump and squirm with each icy drop–never knowing where the next one’s going to land.

Maybe if she begs hard enough (notice she’s blindfolded but not gagged) she’ll get the vibrator pressed hard against her aching pussy lips–or maybe he’ll just suspend a few ice cubes on twine above her and leave her for an hour or two.  Maybe she’ll even get fucked, just maybe, if she promises to be a very good girl this time.

But I wouldn’t count on it.

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