Honestly I really wish there was something that could (for awhile) make me physically unable to cum without permission. Anything so that I could stay right on the edge, trying as hard as can but I can’t get over. Reduced to a writhing, desperate, begging slut who’d do anything you wanted, but you still say no.

What an interesting idea.




She’d been a little nervous, at the clinic, as they lifted up the silly little gown and rubbed the topical anesthetic onto her. He’d held her hand, and winked at her, reminding her of the time they’d tried playing with numbing gel to desensitize her. (It hadn’t worked, of course; she just got too excited, too sensitive inside, and came anyway. Hair-trigger girl, she scolded herself.)

But her anxiousness was unfounded: she didn’t feel a thing as they did the installation, and it only took a few minutes. The crystal pattern they’d picked out together was a little extra, but he’d been more than happy to pay for it. “I like that you’ll be able to see it when you look down, just a little,” he said, holding the mirror for her as she gently traced her finger around the edges, watching it glitter as she breathed. “I like knowing that you’ll remember, even if the implant’s turned off.”

“And how often are you going to turn it off?” she smirked.

It turned out the answer was “never.”

It drove her fucking crazy. As soon as it became clear she wasn’t allowed to come, wasn’t ABLE to come, it was all she could think about. She thought about it at work, in the car, at her book club, at dinner. Her friends started teasing her about her attention span because of how often she got caught staring off at nothing, lips slightly parted, lost in embarrassing thought. The whole situation kept her so wet that she had to start carrying a spare pair of panties in her bag–then two pairs. When she opened it at the end of the day, she could smell her own need, and she usually had to shove a hand up her skirt and edge right then and there.

That only made it worse, of course. She’d known the implant would let her edge but not go over, but she hadn’t known, really known how high and keen that edge could be. It was a ragged knife inside her, a clamp on her brainstem, a drug that hooked her on her own cunt. He didn’t even need to get out her vibrator–though he still did anyway, sometimes. Just his cock or his fingers inside her were enough to send a spike of desperation all the way up her spine, and there was absolutely, positively no answer to her screamed or whimpered prayers.

“So,” he said softly in her ear, spent and satisfied as she lay there, breathing, lost in the throb of her own constant need. “Four weeks since the appointment. This is when we were going to decide whether to keep it, right?”

“Uh huh,” she managed, as if she’d had any idea. Had it been a day already? Had it not been a year?

He traced one finger from her mouth down her throat, over her arching belly, to brush the sparkling glow between her legs. Her body was immediately ready, deep ache wrapped around sharp pleasure. “What’s it like to be a hair-trigger girl,” he asked, “when the safety’s on?”

“Dangerous,” she whispered, and let him pin her into place again.


“Hi, baby. Can you hear me?” He squinted at the screen, looking at the little mirror image of himself in the corner, then tilted it so the camera wasn’t pointed directly into the light.

Her face appeared, frozen for a second, then block, then moving, grinning. “Hey!” she said. “Is it working? Is it there?”

“Yeah!” he stepped away from the monitor so she could see their surrogate, kneeling on the bed, lace mask pulled over its face and implant status light pulsing slowly at the nape of its neck. It was nude and still but for its breathing, curled slightly in on itself, waiting.

On the monitor, she bit her lip. “Fuck. You got a cute one.”

“Aww, you like it? I tried to pick one as close as I could get to you.” He looked down at it, tugging at his lip, his eyes hungry. “Wanna try it out?”

“Yeah. Yeah.” She picked up the collar and its trailing wires, fastened it, and made sure the cold contact metal patches were touching her throat. “Okay, try something.”

He reached out and ran the backs of his nails down the surrogate’s chest, around the side of its breast to its inner arm. Goosebumps rose on its pale skin. Through the speakers, she gasped.

“Fuck. Oh man. I didn’t think it would be that clear!” She wrapped her arms around herself and giggled. “Do it again. God, I miss you. It feels so good to have your hands on me again…”

He squeezed its arms, its shoulders, then settled his hands on its hips and pulled it in close to his chest. She let out a little hum of pleasure, feeling the heat of his body against her back. “Should I, like… move it so it’s sitting like you are?” he asked.

“I think you should move it so it’s sitting on your dick,” she said, hand stealing down into her shorts.

He laughed. “You sure?”

“Baby, I have been fucking starving for you,” she growled. “We can cuddle after. I wanna see just how much of you I can feel…”

Needing little encouragement, he wriggled out of his shirt and pants, springing out hard and lifting the surrogate’s yielding body up to part its thighs. It was wet, of course, warm and slick, and if it didn’t feel exactly like she did, well…

“Oh fuck,” she gasped, arching a little on the screen. “Oh my god. Oh fuck, I didn’t think… I can feel how tight it is AND how hard you are, baby… you don’t have to put on a condom or anything, right?”

“Nah, the service takes care of all that,” he grunted, pushing deeper inside it. “God. This is so much better than jacking off to your snapchats, I can’t believe we didn’t try it before!” He picked it up and started to rock its hips back against him, and she groaned and lifted herself a little off her chair.

“They must be so well-trained–there’s no way I’d be able to hold that still if you were really inside me.” She bit her lip. “Can you make it move some more?”

“I think there’s a command, yeah. Um. Kivirmak?

It had already been trembling a little, holding back, but now it arched and bucked and–he thought–barely contained a whimper of its own. He grinned with pleasure, slowing his thrusts, and both she and it squirmed with frustration.

“You playing with yourself, baby?” he said, panting a little.

“Yeah, why? Are you–oh my GOD,” she said, eyes going wide as he reached down to roll its clit between finger and thumb. “Holy fuck! I can feel–you and it and me–all on top of each other–”

He moaned, grabbing it by the shoulder and settling back on his heels, pulling its weight down on top of his cock and making it bounce a little. He could feel its breath hitching; he gave it a playful slap between its legs. Both of them jumped, and she let out a little squeak.

“Is it close, baby?” she managed. “Because I am.”

“Sure feels like it,” he said. “Mmmmfuck. But I don’t think it can have an orgasm unless I give that command too.”

Her eyes were dark and glittering, and she had one finger between her teeth as she rolled her hips against her other hand. “Do it,” she said. “Make it come.”

Hadi,” he said.

The surrogate definitely did let out a little noise then, legs shaking, gripping the sheets. On the monitor, she caught her breath and rubbed herself faster. “Fffffuck,” she whispered, “it’s like I can feel it but not actually go over–oh God–can you–can you make it go again?”

He did, and that time, watching it and feeling it clench and writhe and shudder, they both came with it.

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” he said lazily, afterward, running his fingers over its goosebump skin again, “but I kinda wanna rent one for when we actually do this again in person too.”

“Fuck yes,” she murmured. “Let’s get two.”


“Ugh, can you put that down and help me for a minute? We’ve got a fighter over here…”

“Wait, really? You can’t handle her on your own?”

“Come ON! She’s really squirmy, I don’t want to drop her.”

“Christ. All right, let me put this one down. I keep telling you, if you get a grip on the collar and then shove a few fingers in the other end, they’re a lot easier to hold onto. See?”

“Yeah, yeah. Hey, careful, you just left the keys on the ground there…”

“Eh. Let her stare at them for a minute and whimper. What’s she going to do?”


Behavior correction case file #108: Lillian. Subject arrived at the Institute intoxicated, with what she claimed was a “groupon,” entitling her to “sexy orgasm lessons.” Subject became belligerent and demanded to learn how to achieve female ejaculation. Her phrasing at the time was “don’t you guys do this kinda stuff? I wanna squirt, dammit!”

Lillian ejaculated for the first time within fifteen minutes of initiating therapy. As of this writing, one week into continued work with her, she has been induced to ejaculatory orgasm 82 times. While she expressed increasingly strident regret and anger about entering the Institute once sobriety returned, such behavior is common among new patients, and can be ignored under the terms of the release she signed voluntarily.

At any rate, as treatment continues, the subject is less and less vocal and seems to have difficulty articulating complex ideas or indeed finishing sentences. The current goal of her program is to mold her body into a training model for future ejaculatory therapy, to be stored and “checked out” by staff and instructors as needed. When not in use, she will be mechanically stimulated to orgasm once per hour, and hydrated by means of throat intubation.

If this pilot program is successful, we envision a growing library of such single-focus training models, possibly to be housed in the unoccupied room B of the annex. Other useful exemplars might include electrostim, extravulvar orgasm, trigger-word subconscious response, or gag reflex suppression.



After shipping, it’s typically recommended that you cut away the straps.

But who are we to rush you?

“I know it’s been a little while,” he said, chuckling as he patted her flank. “But I’ve been busy, and your warranty doesn’t start until I take you out of the packaging, you know. There’s no point running it out before I have time to take you for a proper test drive, now is there?”

Elise could do little but glare up at him. The straps still kept her perfectly immobile, and the matching ring gag held her mouth open in a perfect O, “TRY ME!” still emblazoned on the tag next to her cheek.

“Now, I did finally have a chance to sit down with the manual,” he said, as if this were reassuring. “I just skimmed it, really, but one thing stuck out to me. It says you actually can’t enter ‘full functionality’ mode until you’re unstrapped. That is, you can react and feel and lubricate, but try as hard as I might, I can’t make you come. Did you realize that?”

She stared, open-mouthed, as if she had a choice. Surely he wasn’t–he couldn’t. No.

“I thought I’d just give that limit a spot check,” he grinned, lifting her out of the box and up onto some kind of work table. Beside it was a pegboard, hung with tools–probes, clamps, voltmeters and a heavy, well-used Hitachi. He picked up the last and tested it against the palm of his hand; it buzzed like the world’s biggest, angriest bee.

“The other thing I read,” he said, setting it down next to her face where she had to stare at it in fearful anticipation, “was that you have some diagnostics enabled. Voltage output indicators, for instance. Here and here.” The red and black alligator clamps snapped onto her nipples before she could move, but she arched and squirmed and tried to shake them off anyway.

“See?” he took her face in one hand, pressing it tightly and twisting her head to look at the needle bobbing at the left side of the meter. “But then when we apply stimulation…” He flicked the Hitachi back on and started to work it down between her tightly bound legs.

The vibration was incredibly strong–strong enough that it didn’t have to be anywhere near her clit to start sending pulsing waves of irresistible pleasure through her. Elise thrashed some more, but she wasn’t going anywhere, and the tool was wedged tightly against her. The needle rose, and rose, and rose… and stopped, hovering close to the right side but not going any farther.

“They weren’t kidding,” he grinned, delighted. “You absolutely do have a built-in lock. And I can keep you pushed right up against it for as long as I leave this thing turned on.” He turned to get out a roll of black electrical tape and began winding it around her to keep the Hitachi in place. “Oh yes, little toy, I think we’re going to have quite a few tests to do before we decide to ruin your collector’s value.”

Whimpering, throbbing and already beginning to grow frantic with frustrated need, Elise started to wonder if her warranty would cover a broken brain.


Behavior correction case file #834: NAME EXPUNGED. Subject shown after being fitted and prepped for custom travel unit. Our half of the exchange for #833, she proved reluctant to fully engage with our therapies here, despite the certain fact that we had only her best interests at heart. It is our hope that our Austrian colleagues will find her more receptive.

Subject has had all previous forms of identity removed, not merely from the Institute’s databases but from all public records as well. She is now identified only by a bar code tattooed inside her right wrist, and is legally nameless, stateless and essentially without rights. This should ease her transition across borders, since she is shipping classified as livestock.

The transport rig has been tested for rugged security and will withstand even a prolonged struggle to escape, even if the subject demonstrates the rather vigorous thrashing she has been known to display during orgasm. The underside of the platform is loaded with high-capacity batteries, which should power the Hitachi for eleven minutes out of each hour of the trip. Subject has previously shown time to climax of 5-15 minutes at full stim. The pressure gauge probes fitted into both of her lower holes should provide a useful graph of orgasmic activity over time at the end of her trip.

The batteries will also power the electromagnet manipulating subject’s nipple chain, as well as her headphones, which are playing a 400-minute loop of her previous therapy sessions in the Problem Patients wing. Subject was required to confess to her own flaws, willful attitude and aberrant desires after each session, but would inevitably later recant. It is our hope that listening to herself for emphasis will drive the point home.

While all of us at the Institute will miss working with NAME EXPUNGED, we believe this trip will be good for her and for our relationship with the Austrian facility. They have promised to spare no expense or method rehabilitating her, and will keep us up to date with regular video dispatches.


Behavior correction case file #833: ??? Subject arrived in secure packaging from the Institute’s sister establishment in Austria. As part of a patient exchange program and experiment in double-blind testing, we know very little about her personal history or any specific conditions. Instead, our goal is to treat her based entirely on what we can divine from empirical evidence.

While bondage-tape dressings may be changed, the subject is not to have blindfold or gag removed for the duration of her stay, so as not to provide data that might contaminate the experiment. Subject appears to have been mechanically stimulated at random for the duration of her transit, and now displays a high-adrenaline response to the specific frequency sound of the vibrator that was packaged with her. Consider using this sound to discourage behavior if necessary.

Upon arrival, the subject was placed in an examination table and spread open, from which we learned the following:

  • subject is a healthy female in her mid-20s, with sexual experience, who has never given birth.
  • subject is functionally orgasmic given sufficient stimulation, and displays signs of multiorgasmia upon extended heavy stim.
  • subject’s reactions to tickling, ice, hot wax, and cropping are all within expected parameters.
  • subject responds in a manner consistent with modest experience in anal sex.
  • subject’s available holes provide pleasant use, somewhat enhanced if play is left in restraints so that subject can struggle.

Next stage in diagnosis is to ship her down to the garage, where subject will be tried on each of fucking machines 6 through J, one 24-hour period each. Measure vaginal pulse amplitude over time, anal contraction, and degree of struggle versus blood oxygenation, and take a periodic sample of nipple firmness.

(When series is complete, have her reboxed and delivered to my satellite lab. I have a few fairly exotic works in progress that could use a blind test. I wonder how she’ll take the Corkscrew. –DT)


“You checked in the back?”

“Yeah, that row is all empty, they’re bringing in a new line next week. Sorry.”

“Ah, that’s too bad. I really was hoping to take one home today.”

“Well, I can sell you the floor model–obviously she’s seen some testing, you know, she’s got a few scuffs and marks, but she’s in perfectly good condition.”

“Hmm… I don’t know. I don’t want to get her home and find out she’s not going to last me.”

“She’s still under warranty, same as the others. Look–I’ll give you ten percent off.”


“Yeah, fine, it’s been a slow week. Pull your van around to the side door and we’ll get her loaded on. You want her boxed up?”

“Nah. I have a feeling I won’t be able to get all the way home without stopping to test her out.”