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I want to read what’s on that card.

“Annette,” Bisexual Female, 21

Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Experience: vaginal and oral penetration, cunnilingus, some anal play

History: Annette is a shy young bitch who came to our shelter after getting into the wrong car one tipsy night at college. While she has some history of sluttiness, she is having trouble adjusting to life as a pet, and will benefit greatly from a firm hand. She may also need socialization before being brought into a new home. If you own other pets, feel free to bring them in to play with Annette and get acquainted.

Training: We recommend twice-daily walks on a choke chain, disciplinary floggings, predicament bondage and multiple penetration. Vibrator therapy should prove useful as well, but orgasmic rewards should be doled out only sparingly to keep her eager to please. If she gets overly excited at inappropriate times, a quick pussy spanking and a time-out in her crate should calm her down.

The adoption fee includes full waxing, a microchip ID implant, vaccination and a new collar. Remember, follow-up visits will be conducted at one month and six months to ensure that Annette is healthy and satisfactory.

We feel Annette has great potential, and will make some owner very happy!  See Laura at the front desk if you are interested in her!