She was expected to be a good girl without her cuffs ….  sit very still, hands at her side, legs apart. He trailed his gloved hands over her skin. A caress here, a slap there, a pinch here. She gasped, sighed, moaned, waiting for his next move. She was not a patient girl and he reveled in it.

Eventually he stood back, looking her over, the feel of his eyes on her skin an even more maddening pressure than his fingers.  She gripped the sides of the chair tightly and swallowed; her nipples were drawing stiff under his gaze, her lower belly hot and tingling.

He knelt next to her, and her heart went triple-time, but he was only opening the bottom drawer of the desk.  Out came one of the vibrators, the long thick purple one with a veiny silicon sheath.  She edged her legs wider without even meaning to, but he stood and gave her nipple a twist to correct that behavior.

She let out a little squeak at the sensation, and he caught her chin, brushing her lip with his thumb to open her mouth wider.  Then he pushed in the head of the dildo gently between her teeth, and deeper, until it nearly touched the back of her throat.

“Think you can keep that wet for me, girl?” he murmured in her ear. “Yes, yes, I think so. And I’m sure I can trust you to keep your hands to yourself a moment longer.  Be back soon.”  The door clicked heavily behind him as he left.

Fuck.  She dug her fingers into the velour. Sometimes his “moments” could last for hours, and she was still tingling and frustrated from his touch.  She couldn’t think about how easy it would be to pull the vibe out of her mouth and give herself a little relief; couldn’t even think how quickly she could put it back in, and suck it clean, and almost definitely not get caught…

Could she?