I love this! Made me hard!

I want to do this with some other girls. This is so hot.

This has been my favorite video for a long time. I wish i could always keep this on my front page  🙂

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A lovely video–I do like Beautiful Agony.  But what gets to me about this one is the girl in the bottom right…  she’s not even trying!  She pretends to be moving her hand a bit at the beginning, but then stops and spends the rest of the clip just glancing at the other girls and occasionally nuzzling them.

Eventually, I dug up the rest of this series (“Pentagony”) and found another clip where she does get in on the action. Delicious. Ms. Lower Right (I think her Beautiful Agony ID is 753) has a nice, vocal, giggly orgasm at around 2:45.

(It’s not letting me embed, so here’s the link: