He would be late for work again, but how could he resists his naughty little whore when she dressed up for him? He came up behind her as she bent over the window seat.. pretending to struggle with the window latch. You enjoy making me late far too often, baby. You know there will be consequences for this later right? But first, you are going to cum for me.



Breath coming faster, she held up her skirt as his hands yanked apart the laces down her back.  Soon he had one hand down her panties, the other on her breast, fingers firm and strong against her; the lace rasped her nipple, and she let out a little moan of need.

He was skillful, but not patient.  She bucked herself back against him to feel his erection, rigid and hard as stone, but he wasn’t about to give her what she wanted.  "Now, now,“ he murmured, dipping one finger after another between her wet lips and running them up over her clit, a ceaseless slippery cascade.  "It wouldn’t do for me to get caught fucking the help, would it?”

She mewled and bucked harder, unable to think well enough to assemble a witty retort.  When she came–too soon, so unfairly soon–it was with a series of embarrassingly high-pitched moans, her knees collapsing so that only his grasp on her throbbing pussy kept her upright.

He let her sink down to the floor when it was over, and she looked up at him accusingly, flushed and rumpled.  "That’s not going to get me through the day,“ she pouted.

He grinned.  "Oh no?  Perhaps I should give you something to occupy your mind during your chores today, then.”

Her eyes went wide.  She bit her tongue.

You actually can clean the house while ball-gagged, shackled and stuffed with ben-wa balls, she learned, but it takes a lot longer than you’d like.