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Behavior Correction Manual Article 5.44(A): Bargaining. Understand this: given sufficient time and regular treatment, your subject will eventually offer sexual favors. This differs from the feints or pathetically transparent seduction attempts one often sees early on in subjects who believe they are cunning. The offers we discuss here are desperate and genuine, and appear later. They are part of an attempt to bargain purely as a coping mechanism, even if the terms of the offer the subject presents are far from clear.

You may be tempted to take this as a sign of progress. It is in fact a form of backsliding, and must be discouraged. Consider:

  • A bargain is a deal struck between peers. At the Institute, a subject surrenders claim to peer status prior to treatment.
  • An offer of sex implies three things to be traded: availability, anatomy, and willing participation. A subject is always available; can have her anatomy accessed at any time; and is required to participate in any act her therapist finds useful.
  • Trading is a form of economic control. Control, at the Institute, is a virtue exercised solely and entirely by our hardworking staff.

Recommended strategy in response to this behavior includes general depersonalization and forced sensation, often including deep-penetration therapy. Pictured above is subject #218, formerly “Melissa.” Note the use of heavy vaginal/vulva stim combined with degradation positioning and an inability to support herself against her retention hook. The subject was required to repeat the exact words of her original offer to a series of staff members until she became incoherent, then left in situ overnight before repeating the exercise for a full week. By its conclusion, when presented with video of subject-initiated versus staff-initiated sexual activity, she exhibited a marked preference for the latter.

The basic principle at work is this: almost universally, subjects who arrive at the Institute do not know what they want. To allow them to complete a cycle of desire-request-fulfillment is counterproductive and harmful. Instead, by concentrating our work on manipulating, guiding and hyperprovoking desire to the breaking point, we can show them what they actually need.


“Ugh, can you put that down and help me for a minute? We’ve got a fighter over here…”

“Wait, really? You can’t handle her on your own?”

“Come ON! She’s really squirmy, I don’t want to drop her.”

“Christ. All right, let me put this one down. I keep telling you, if you get a grip on the collar and then shove a few fingers in the other end, they’re a lot easier to hold onto. See?”

“Yeah, yeah. Hey, careful, you just left the keys on the ground there…”

“Eh. Let her stare at them for a minute and whimper. What’s she going to do?”


Behavior correction case file #440 UPDATE: Ivy. While the subject has shown marked improvement under treatment so far, recent indications are that progress has plateaued. It may simply be that we have reached the limitations of what can be achieved by coaxing and instructing, and need to move on to working directly with the subconscious.

Simply put, Ivy will be put on overload. Each week, her chart will be updated with a randomized stim schedule, with staggered rest periods at irregular intervals to disorient her and induce repeated fugue states. She will spend the majority of shifts in some form of sensory deprivation combined with vibration, penetration, focused impact, and utilitarian bondage or encasement. She will never know exactly who is using her body, how long a session will last, or whether she will be permitted (or punished for) orgasm. Any information she gleans about her current circumstances will be drip-fed and incomplete. Monitor pulse levels, and feel free to switch things up to keep them high.

Between these sessions, Ivy will be folded into a small case and transported to the recovery chamber on level 4. She will spend recovery time unbound but collared, and dressed in minimal decorative garments, which are to be referred to as “pretties.” She will see a small, consistent set of supervisors during these periods, who have already been briefed on treating her gently but addressing her in diminutive and reductive terms. Soothing, petting, and cuddling are encouraged. Subject is to feel as if she is receiving special treatment (which is in fact true), but also in firm and careful hands.

Until, upon waking, she finds herself at full use again.

The overarching goal in this case is to simulate a fractured reality. The subject should come to believe that her stim sessions are a dream when she is in recovery, and that her recovery is a dream when she is under stim. The alternating stresses of this contradiction should provide opportunity to examine and manipulate her psyche to an otherwise unattainable degree.

The closest we have come to using this form of therapy in the past has been as a punitive measure against hostile actors bent on harming the Institute. The intent for those subjects was to break them. With Ivy, however, it must be clear that our intent is pure and therapeutic. We do not expect her to break; we expect her to blossom.


Behavior correction case file #82: Lucy. Subject is an exhibitionist who enjoys withholding; she has chosen to decorate her body with piercings and extensive tattoos, which she enjoys flaunting, but has very rarely been observed to do anything more than lead on her admirers for attention, privilege and financial outlay.

Lucy will be taught to understand that her body is property, and communal property at that. We’ve set up a special rig in the entrance hall of the Institute, the one with the glass floor that opens down over the subterranean levels. She has been installed there in a rope harness which can be repositioned with ease, and a timer indicating the minutes she has been left untreated. The counter has only two digits; we expect it will not need more.

Given that the Institute is run on a 24-hour shift system, there should be no difficulty in ensuring that the subject is in near-constant use. A jar of lubricant, bridle, electrical stimulus device, and various other tools are available from the check-in desk. Orgasm is not to be strictly avoided, but not encouraged either–employ a clitoral clamp if necessary. The subject will not be addressed directly during her stay here, but may be discussed as an object in the third person within her hearing.

At the conclusion of each week of training, Lucy will be pressed flat to the glass floor while staff members watch from below, stimulated via heavy vibration until sensory overload, and then asked to choose her next tattoo from a selection of words and symbols indicating her status. Charting her pliability and eagerness to accept such markings should lead to a good indication of her treatment progress. When she starts begging for the next one before we can even get the needle humming, we’ll know she’s on her way to being cured.

Stage two: pierce her clitoral hood, fold her into one of the transparent lockers in the hallway on 6B, and set up oscillating electromagnet for continuous stim.


Behavior correction case file #440: Ivy. Subject is regressive, and struggles with denial and reluctance to acknowledge her own sexual needs. Subject has also demonstrated a marked difficulty with remaining still.

Ivy is to be restrained at all times until she has internalized the basic fact that struggling, while rewarding in the short term, has long-term consequences. Orderlies are advised to use consistent manual contact in order to accustom her to being handled, as one would a small domestic animal. Restraint position should be changed regularly to keep the subject from relaxing too far into subspace. To prevent excessive struggle during rope changes, consider use of toys: subject may respond to a combination of oral occupancy (finger/pacifier) and clitoral stim. Use a gentle tone of voice at this time and keep up a stream of verbal praise–again, as one would soothe a small pet, or a child.

Subject is expected to maintain a high baseline level of lubrication and should be manually stimulated to edge at random intervals; color and temperature of facial surfaces and throat provide a useful gauge of current arousal. The promise of orgasm will be used to motivate behavior, but should be largely withheld even when subject behaves properly (this is not expected). Provide spurious reasons to withhold orgasm: minor infractions of unspoken rules, embarrassing observations from case file, and so on. Upon objection, alternate spanking with further edges.

Once per day, subject is to be blindfolded, partially declothed (panties at ankles, etc), and brought to an observation chamber via nipple clamp leash to answer questions about her progress. Phrase questions in degrading, belittling ways, and use anal stimulation to reward answers in the same idiom. Discourage silence, impertinence, or other attempts at dignity via freeform means. Observers and questioners will rotate: it is considered important that the subject know she is humiliating herself verbally in front of an ongoing series of unknown people.

If subject should maintain a full week of proper behavior, good conduct and appropriate self-degradation, set her existing conditions as a new benchmark and impose new ones until she reaches failure state (aka “tantrum”). Suggestions: display orifices for sexual partners until such time as they choose to acknowledge and make use of them; insert tail, apply bondage mitts and serve food and water in floor dishes; installation bondage in lobby to allow exploration/stimulation by guests waiting for admittance.

Admittance of this subject is open-ended and therapy is set to end only when subject herself believes that she is “cured.” Division D has prepared her cell for an indefinite stay and will document and, if helpful, publish each step of her correction online.


“You checked in the back?”

“Yeah, that row is all empty, they’re bringing in a new line next week. Sorry.”

“Ah, that’s too bad. I really was hoping to take one home today.”

“Well, I can sell you the floor model–obviously she’s seen some testing, you know, she’s got a few scuffs and marks, but she’s in perfectly good condition.”

“Hmm… I don’t know. I don’t want to get her home and find out she’s not going to last me.”

“She’s still under warranty, same as the others. Look–I’ll give you ten percent off.”


“Yeah, fine, it’s been a slow week. Pull your van around to the side door and we’ll get her loaded on. You want her boxed up?”

“Nah. I have a feeling I won’t be able to get all the way home without stopping to test her out.”