Oh hello there.

Thanks to a generous couple of links by the amazing pleasuretorture, I seem to have picked up… kind of a lot of new followers. Hi. I’m DT, a straightish cis man in my 30s. I started out writing porn on Literotica¬†and still do sometimes. I don’t have any set schedule here, and I only post when I have time, inspiration and opportunity, which is honestly not often.

All the same, I appreciate that people read and enjoy these things, and I’m always curious about my readers. If you follow me, I’ll probably try to click through and learn a little about who you are, when I have the chance. (No guarantees; I’ve been trying to do that for a while, and I can’t always keep up.) I mostly only follow other porn blogs back, and only those with low to medium post volume–there are some blogs I admire but don’t follow, because they would swamp my dash.

My tumblr consists of adult material and the occasional personal aside. Sometimes I write about softer stuff, like the Daddy/little stories. Other times I include themes of fear, manipulation, training, mechanical implacability, and–as may be obvious from my username–clinical settings and orgasm control. Regardless, my posts should be assumed to carry a content warning for potential sexual violence, nonconsent and dubious-consent fantasy, general creepiness, and the male gaze.

I personally find the misogyny and rape culture of the world we live in real and awful, and try to do what I can to work against them. I think it’s pretty well settled that this is not incompatible with any of the above, but if you catch me falling into any of the tiresome patterns of thought the patriarchy has tried to ingrain in me, I appreciate being called out. My askbox is always open.

Time and attention are all we really have to give each other; thank you for spending a little of yours on me. I promise I’ll try to make it worth your while.

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