i read frequently on submissive blogs that they fantasize about being abducted.  but how do you approach making that a reality?  how do you put yourself in that situation, without feeling that the play is contrived, but also without putting yourself in danger?  it’s possible, as the linked posts below attest to.  there were many important factors that made it work.  the two most important were of course the Dominant and the submissive.  first and foremost, there was immutable trust in these two.  why?  because they had previously talked about what they wanted, discussed limits, and had safewords in place, as i discovered from interviewing a party involved.  he knew the scenario she wanted, but gave no indication of what was to come.  the Dom preplanned and prepared.  he used stealth and misdirection.  and during the scene, he was attentive, observant, and in control of the play, and of equal importance, of himself.  the sub quickly realized what was happening, and the key here was that she realized she was in good hands, but she didn’t let that knowledge ruin the experience.  she quickly knew that within the little world that he created for her, she was allowed to experience the excitement of fear.  this will not work for everyone, because not everyone can do the things these two did.  he…observant, patient, thoughtful.  she…trusting, accepting, and willing to let go and live in that moment.  enjoy.

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Holy Christ.

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