Netflix and chill but the whole movie you’re sitting in my lap, on my strap-on. Not allowed to ride it, or to move, just have to keep it warm and deal with every time I feel like readjusting or playfully fucking up into you for a couple seconds.


Hi my lovely followers!

If anyone really likes my blog, and wants to buy my broke ass a christmas present (read: sex toys) be it one on my Amazon wishlist or one of your choosing, I would be so so beyond grateful. I can send pictures, as a sign of my gratitude, too ;3 I would love love love the confetti suction cup dildo on my wishlist, or a wand massager <3 or pretty much anything new and fun!

If you would like to, you can message me about it or send me money on my with a note or tumblr message saying who you and what it’s for. I have amazon prime so if it’s prime elligible that would be awesome ^^