oh soOoOOOoOOOOOoooOooo edgy



“Please please it’s too much I can’t…. I can’t….”

“How can a little feather be too much”

“Oh god….. it’s just….. I….. Oh god…… please…….”

“You’re not making a lot of sense baby”

“Please……. ohhhhhhh….. just…….. please”

“All you have to do is relax and don’t move. Keep all your muscles relaxed. No clenching. No thrusting. Just relax. It’s just a little feather. It’s nothing”

“Uhhhhh pleeeeeeaaasseeeeeee”

“Mmmmmmmm I love watching the wetness just trickle out. Uh uh stay still.”

“Please…… too much…… can’t….. think….”

“Just a little feather. Nice and slow. Nice……. and …….. slow.”

“Unngghhh unnnnggghh ppppppleeeee.”

“Mmmmm nearly there. Just a little more. A little slower now”

“Unngghhh nnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn”

“Ok let’s take a break. Two minutes. Just breath. No talking. No moving. Just breath. Then we will start again for another 30 minutes. So close. Focus on the feather”


“Ok let’s go again. Slower this time. Let’s really work on losing that mind of yours. Empty your mind. Breath. Relax your body. Just focus on the feather. Breath. Empty your mind. Focus on the feather.”


“That’s it. So close”

*tears begin to fall down her cheeks*

“That’s my girl. Empty your mind. Focus on the feather. Feel the torturous tip of the feather tickling your clit. So close to giving you what you so desperately want. Empty your mind. All you want is to cum. But you must relax and not let it happen. You mustn’t cum baby. You mustn’t cum. But you want it so badly. If I only moved the feather faster or harder. But you must relax and not cum”

*silently crying*

“You’re so beautiful the way you suffer for me. The way you want me to enjoy your body the way I like. How you give yourself to me to play with. How you open your mind to my wishes. Your tears are like tiny presents running down your cheeks. Each slow touch with the feather causing you to suffer again and again. All for me. Focus on the feather baby. Focus on how badly you want to cum but how you mustn’t. How hard it is to keep your muscles relaxed. I love your struggle. Ten more minutes. And then I’ll slide into you and you can finally squeeze around me. I’m so luck you can’t cum from penetration. So after all this time and you can finally squeeze you still won’t cum. My good good girl”



“Ask me”

“I don’t want to”

“Ask me”

“Please can I cum”



“Let’s get you on the edge again”

“Please I’m sorry. I won’t ask”

“Shhhhhh it’s ok. Let’s get you right on the edge again. Just relax”

“Oh….. Oh….. oh fuck… oh god”

“That’s it just enjoy the feeling.”

“Oh god oh god oh god”

“Ask me”

“No no please Oh god”

“I’m not going to stop rubbing until you ask me.”

“Oh god please can I cum?”



“Mmmmm ok lets go again. Relax and edge for me”

“Please please I won’t ask again I won’t I promise”

“Hey hey it’s ok baby. Of course you will. You have no control. You’re a weak little girl who can not control herself. Driven by selfish needs. But we will cure you baby. * keeps rubbing his thumb over her clit*

We will make it so you will never want to cum again. You can trust me to fix you. We will make you so fearful of edging that you’ll never ever cum. We’ve got this. Together we can make you all better. Just imagine every time I edge you, the fear will stop you from tipping over. You will actually be frightened of sexual release. You will be forever horny and unsatisfied. You will be the perfect girl. Now ask me”

“Oh god…. please can I cum”


“Good girl”



✶ Firefly ✶



Imagine there is a bell on the end of the string. She’s laughing because every chime of the bell is another day in chastity when this is over…