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Rope and whip by @ddlgworldshop

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i want a cute girl who will lay in my lap and let me smack her butt and then finger her nice and slow, spreading her open and i can tell her how dirty she is for getting so wet, dripping all over my fingers and that if she wants to cum she has to ride them and i get to watch her squirm and try to cum in my lap and i can tease her little clit until she’s gushing and yes



I still can’t figure out this leg harness setup

I am definitely a denial slut! I just stumbled upon your JuNO stuff yesterday and immediately knew I wanted to join and still do a full 30 days if I can. So my fiancé and I put some additional rules together which I can share later, but my question is, I love the torture of denial but my fiancé struggles with staying strict and denying me when he says he wants too because he loves seeing me cum so much. How can I help him stay strong? I know I can, but he can’t resist! Help!




Show him the posts I just shared – once he gets that you truly prefer to be kept denied and that’s how to show you love, he’ll find it much easier. And add safewords too, so that he knows you have a clear way to communicate if it’s all become too much. That way he’ll slowly learn that you begging to be allowed to cum actually is a craving to be told ‘no’.

You could also change the rules so that you are not allowed to beg for an orgasm. Beg to not be allowed to cum instead, since that is what you really want.

You can say you really want to cum, you are dying to cum, you are so, so needy and desperate – but then beg him to please, please not let you cum, please help you stay his good denied needy fucktoy for him, please let you have his cum instead. Beg him to tell you you can’t cum, because you love hearing him say that.

He’ll learn to love it just as much as he loves your orgasms in no time, you’ll see.

And if you’re really lucky, he’ll learn to love it even more than your orgasms.

Then you’ll be well and truly fucked – but you’ll love it, won’t you?



Not sure what I was trying to do here but it’s still kinda cute 🐰