Denial slut tools

I got myself a labia spreader and it’s driving me crazy…

They’re this nifty little things that, well, spread your labia. Besides the obvious exposing your clit to all kinds of stimulation (especially while wearing denim over it, ugh), the feeling of having labia spread all the time is a thing on it’s own.

I bought one for a couple of bucks and tried it immediately when it got delivered. It’s so mean! I never even thought of what the part that gets inserted might feel like but damn…

It stretched me but left me wide open and empty at the same time. While pressing a sweet spot in me at the same time. It’s just. You’re empty but not. You’re exposed but not feeling anything on the outside. And damn. Moving? Wearing it under clothes? Denim is the best kind of bad.

If you think wearing a plug or crotchrope outside is a nice dirty secret, try walking around with your cunt wide open. (Hmmzz, I should really try the trifecta someday.) I wanted to get home soooo bad to touch myself. Oeh! And the airhumping. Gzzzbluprstttghaaaa!

I should try this.

I bought one because it seemed like such a fantastic idea at the time. It’s continuous squirming and aching to be filled but only feeling your stretched hole dripping and becoming more desperate. Desperate, needy, denied, torture…




May 02 / 2016

@lildragrathie This is the image that I ruined an orgasm to just now. Just the thought of being tied up like this, especially now made me get to the edge and ruin really quickly and really hard. Thank you for reblogging my post again 😉 






BDSM Punishments




She’s a little pet, a little toy, something to be used as much as loved. She’s a pretty thing, always stunning, eye-catching, and it’s nothing short of erotic dressing her up in something obscene. 

Ropes are always nice, she squirms less now than she used to since she knows what to do. She stays perfectly still, moving when she’s prompted, silent all throughout. She never says a word even when the smooth rope tightens against her skin, bites into her soft flesh. She only whimpers when a knot presses against her dripping pussy, and just sighs when her mistress ties her open. 

She always looks a treat when she’s tied up like that, forced open, forced on her knees, as though she wouldn’t drop with a single look. It’s nice to remind her, no matter if she’s good or not, her mistress will use her however she likes. And her mistress does love her in red, the colour’s so bold, so eye-catching, and it matches her blush so prettily. 

When she’s on her knees, cunt dripping onto the floor she cleaned not so long ago, gazing ever so adoringly at her beloved mistress, she’s gorgeous. When she’s moaning around a toy just a bit too large, she’s a doll. When she’s whining, whimpering, crying to cum, she’s a wonder. 

But the fun in a pet like her, in a toy like her, is never giving her just what she wants. She’s not the master after all, she doesn’t get to decide what does and doesn’t happen. So when she cums, she cums only because her mistress got tired of teasing. She cums because her mistress wants to see her lovely eyes roll back into her head and see her sopping wet thighs tremble. 

And when she cums; around her just-a-bit-too-big toy, she almost forgets the rules and thanks her mistress.
And when she cums; around her mistress’ fingers, she almost forgets the rope and pitches forward.
And when she cums; with her cunt slip-sliding against her mistress’, she begs for it to stop.
And when she cums; wrung out and dazed, she just drools on the floor and sighs when her mistress slips cum covered fingers between her slack lips. 

This one took a while, mostly because @mommymaxie did such an excellent job setting up the scene that I wanted to do it justice, and also because it’s mmade just for Claudia and Circe.  I may go back and color one of these frames when I have time one of these days 😀